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Victim Impact Program
The Victim Impact Program (VIP) provides support services to assist victims of juvenile offenders through the Juvenile Justice process.

Victim-Offender Dialogue Program
The Victim-Offender Dialogue Program provides facilitation services to crime victims, offenders, and communities in order to meaningfully address the harm resulting from criminal behavior.

Victim Impact Program Brochure
The Victim Impact Program Information

Initial Letter to Victims of Juvenile Offense
This is the initial letter that is sent out to all victims of juvenile offense in Clackamas County.

VIP Victim Rights Brochure
A Victim?s Guide

Victim Rights
At stated in the Oregon Constitutional Bill of Rights, and Revised Oregon Statues, as a victim of crime in the State of Oregon, your right to justice includes the right to a meaningful role throughout the process, to dignity and respect, to fair and impartial treatment and to reasonable protection.

Victim Impact Program (VIP) Description
Clackamas County Juvenile Department (CCJD) is committed to the principles and values of Restorative Justice. In practice this means our department is committed equally to the needs of victims of crime, the needs of the youth committing the offense, and the needs of the community in which the crime occurred.

Child Abuse & Neglect
Part of the Juvenile Department's responsibility is to assist and facilitate the Clackamas County Circuit Court's efforts in the legal intervention of children at risk of abuse or neglect. We also assist child-caring agencies in developing a reunification program that will allow at-risk children to either return to their own home or develop a permanent plan that will provide them with physical and emotional safety and stability.

Victim Services Program
Providing leadership and advocacy for crime victims/survivors, their families, and their communities within Community Corrections.

Financial Loss Form
Restitution request form to document financial impacts of youth offense.

Victim Impact Statement
Victim's articulation of the impacts of the youth offense.

Victim Rights Form
Declaration of requested rights.

Victim Services
Clackamas County Juvenile Department is committed to honoring and responding effectively to the rights, needs, and concerns of community members who are the victims of crimes committed by juvenile offenders.

Juvenile Department Forms
All forms relevant to the juvenile department and juvenile justice process in Clackamas County.

Victim Assistance
The mission of the Clackamas County District Attorney?s Victim Assistance Program is to involve crime victims and the community in a process that helps to diminish the devastating impact of crime.