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Family Involvement

Information about family involvement.

Family Involvement Committee

Inspired by a growing national trend that recognizes the invaluable contribution parents can make in helping other parents, the Juvenile Department established the Family Involvement Committee in 2004.

The Family Involvement Committee has several functions.  The Committee meets monthly with juvenile staff to address issues and ideas important to family members and the Juvenile Department.  Family members are invited to training opportunities and frequently participate in hiring of staff.  And, family members are asked to draw on their personal experiences in the juvenile system to help shape policy.

A second aspect of the Family Involvement Committee is the Parent to Parent Support program.  This is a network of parents that have knowledge and experience in the juvenile justice system and want to help other parents whose children have been referred to the Juvenile Department.  The parent volunteer does not replace the Juvenile Counselor but has a unique support role.  Experience thus far has revealed that a key ingredient to being an effective parent support person is listening.  Parents that choose to join the Parent to Parent Support program undergo a screening and training process through the Juvenile Department.

Family Involvement Programs

Parent-to-Parent Support
The Parent-to-Parent Support Program is a network of parents who have knowledge and experience in the juvenile justice system helping other parents understand and navigate the system, as well as advocate for their child.  If you are interested in volunteering as a parent partner or if you would like to have a parent partner, please contact that Family Involvement Coordinator at the Juvenile Department at 503-655-8342.

Organizational Development
The organizational development portion of the Family Involvement Program includes parents who have knowledge and experience in the juvenile justice system, who work with Juvenile Department staff and management to improve the services the Juvenile Department provides.

Publications, Informational Brochures and Fliers

What Happens Now? (PDF)
An informational brochure for families about what happens when a juvenile has been taken into custody.

2006-2007 Family Involvement Committee Annual Report

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