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Why Boys Council

The Mission of The Council is to offer adolescent young men a solid pathway toward healthy identity development, recognizing their strengths and capacities, challenging stereotypes, questioning unsafe attitudes, and encouraging solidarity through personal and collective responsibility.  

What to Expect

In weekly sessions, a group of six to ten young men of similar age and development meet with a facilitator for 1.5 hours for 10 weeks (times and locations may vary).  At the last session, youth will participate in a completion celebration, allowing them to reflect on their time spent in the council.  Youth are also welcome to continue attending groups after completion, if desired.

Learning Topics


Opening Ritual: An opening activity that marks the commencement of the council process.
Theme Introduction: A short synopsis of what is planned for the meeting.
Warm-Up: Light activities designed to get group members interacting with one another. 
Check-In: A time for participants to check in with the council and express whatever they wish and/or something about the theme.
Activity: An experiential or creative activity that can be fun, stress reducing, and challenging.
Reflection: Allows participants the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the activity through a guided discussion.
Closing Ritual: Brings the group to a close and sends the members off with a positive tone.

Risk and Protective Factors

Risk factors increase the likeliness a youth will participate in risky or illegal behavior while specific protective factors work as a powerful force that overcomes these risk factors at a 2 to 1 ratio.  As a result of this knowledge, The Council works to address the following risk and protective factors:

Developmental Assets Strengthened

Skills Group Home

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