Clackamas County Leadership Academy

Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events 2015-16

October 28, 2015Kickoff with the Chinook Center for Civic Leadership
November 17, 2015The Emotionally Intelligent Leader Part 1
December 9, 2015StrengthFinder
January 27, 2016The Emotionally Intelligent Leader Part 2
February 23 and 24, 2016Speed of Trust
March 30, 2016PSU Hatfield School of Government
April 20, 2016Internal Consulting
May 25, 2016PSU Hatfield School of Government
June 22, 2016Project Kickoff
July 20, 2016Project Work (A status meeting will be scheduled each month with each team.)
August 24, 2016Project Work
September 21, 2016Project Work
October 5, 2016Presentation Coaching 2:30–5:30
October 19, 2016Quarterly Management Meeting and Celebration!