Clackamas County Leadership Academy

Academy Cohort 2015 - 2016

Leadership Academy Graduation Class

Front Row: Tracy Moreland, Dienne Irwin, Karen Buehrig, Gail Shaloum, Tamra Dickinson, Caroline Hill, Jennifer Freeman, Teresa Christopherson, Kim Wollenburg, Trish Elmer, and Heather Pedersen
Back Row: Greg Williams, Marc Griffith, Sara Jasmin, Jim Bunker, Dave DeVore, and Jeff Jorgensen

Name Department Division
Caroline Hill BCC/Co Admin BCC/Co Admin
Greg Williams BCS Library
Trish Elmer Comm Corrections Field Services
Heather Pedersen DES Human Resources
Tamra Dickinson DES Benefits
Karen Buehrig DTD Engineering
Jeff Jorgensen Finance Facilities
Teresa Christopherson H3S Social Services
Jim Bunker H3S Behavioral Health
Dienne Irwin Juvenile Juvenile
Sara Jasmin Juvenile Juvenile
Tracy Moreland PGA PGA
Jennifer Freeman Sheriff Corrections
Marc Griffith Sheriff Patrol
Dave Devore Technology Services Technology Services
Gail Shaloum WES Surface Water
Kim Wollenburg WES Admin

Department abbreviations:

BCC Board of County Commissioners
BCS Business and Community Services
NCPRD North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District
DES Department of Employee Services
DTD Department of Transportation and Development
H3S Health, Housing, and Human Services
PGA Public and Government Affairs
WES Water Environment Services