Clackamas County Leadership Academy

Liz Garcia

Department: Water Environment Services (WES)
Job Title: Business Services Manager
Location: 150 Beavercreek Rd., Oregon City, Development Services Building, 4th floor
Years w/ County: 6.5

A Brief Introduction:
Liz, a lifelong Oregonian, is the Business Services Manager at WES and has been in her role since coming to the County in July 2007. Before that Liz worked for 20 years in Banking, holding numerous positions as a result of continuous promotional opportunities. Liz's banking career took her all over the Country with the longest stays being in Boston and New York. Liz's life experience has been extremely valuable during her career as she juggled family to include a large extended family and many personal challenges while successfully working full-time outside the home.

Liz's responsibilities at WES include the management of all business and financial services functions necessary to support the three service districts that provide wastewater and storm water collection and treatment for a large part of Clackamas County. These functions include customer service, administrative support, business processes and policies, information technology and database management, cash and debt management, accounting and utility billing, budget and financial reporting and records management She also manages the technical areas responsible for development plan review and permitting, erosion control, on-site wastewater treatment systems and GIS/records. Her areas of responsibilities include the management of thirty-three members of the WES workforce and direct reporting to the WES Director. Liz steps in as acting director when the WES Director is out and is relied on at times as the department representative by the County Administrator's office, County partners, city elected officials and staff.  

Liz does not credit a college degree for her success, although her life experience and numerous business and leadership classes and trainings have contributed a great deal too where she is today.

Why I am interested in serving as an advisor:
My interest in serving as an advisor for the Leadership Academy are many and include my strong belief and confidence in the success of the program. I feel like I have a lot to share from my experience on the road to becoming a Clackamas County leader and that it is my obligation, desire and honor to do so. I am excited about the opportunity to help and watch others grow in their careers here at Clackamas County and their personal lives as well.

My strengths in leadership are:
I am told that my strengths in leadership include my ability to balance my head with my heart when it comes to managing people. I am a firm believer that one's perception is one's reality and I am not here to tell them otherwise. I am an effective listener and communicator and can act on my feet when the need arises. I am a team player and am successful at pulling teams together for collaboration or mediation. I do not take things personally and am never shy about expressing my opinion yet am open to others' as well. I persevere when warranted and always try to remain humble.

One of my favorite quotes (I have many!)
Never dwell on what you have lost, keep the memory, and dwell only on what you have left. Count your blessings. You'll always find plenty. Your most prized possessions are your unexpired years.

Author Unknown