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Library District Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday; Nov. 12, 2009

Time: 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Place: Library Network Office


Attending: Penny Hummel, CA; Susan Nielsen, Doris Grolbert , CO; Kraig Bartel, Anna Stavinoha ES; Judith Ervin, GL; Donna Ainslie, LO; Mark Docken, MI; Sandy Nelson, MO; George Hoyt, SA; Linda Malone, WL; Pat Duke, WV ; Joanna Rood, NT.

Introductions/Roster Review – Introductions were made and Pat asked the members to review the official roster and send any corrections to him.

Approve Minutes – The minutes were reviewed and there were two corrections: Susan Nielsen’s name was misspelled in the list of attendees and in the third paragraph, second line the word “the” after the words, “of a possible…” is a typo and should be removed.
M/S Sandy N/Judy E that the minutes be approved as corrected. Motion carried unanimously.

Agenda Review - M/S Judy E. /Kraig B. that the agenda be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously

District Revenue Payment Schedule – Joanna reported that the district funds will be distributed to libraries on the same schedule as in prior years 75% in mid Jan, 20% in mid March and 5 % in May. If more than 93% is collected, then a supplemental in June will allow the extra revenue to be realized and distributed later in May along with the final 5%.

Status of Tualatin – Doris reported that Dec. 10 is the date when the Board of County Commissioners will hold the final reading of the annexation proposal and vote on whether to place the measure on the ballot. That would mean that the Clackatin LINCC cards will be turned back on Dec. 11. This special favor was requested by the Tualatin City Council as a sort of incentive to try to show voters what they are missing. We believe that WCCLS never turned off the Clackatin cards so that will require no changes, but there has been no discussion with MCL about what actions (if any) they will take.

Distribution of Revenue from Annexed Area - Pat gave the group an overview of the impact of a possible annexation of the “Clackatins” Clackamas county residents that live within the city limits of Tualatin. He explained that any final decision about how these funds were to be distributed (if the annexation effort is approved by Voters in May 2010) needs to come as a recommendation by the LDAC to the District Board.

Joanna had created a spreadsheet (which Pat excerpted in an attachment that showed how the addition of 3065 unincorporated residents to the overall pool would alter the distribution to every library if all of those residents were allocated to LO and WV in the same manner as they were in the old formula.

After some discussion, Pat called for volunteers to form an LDAC subcommittee. The charge of the subcommittee is to develop a list of options for how the addition of the Clackatins could change the distribution formula and to make a recommendation to LDAC from the options presented. Doris reminded the group that it would require a supermajority of LDAC votes to recommend any specific single option to change the unincorporated part of the distribution formula, as per the IGA.

Penny H. (CA) agreed to chair the committee. Others appointed were Bill B.(LO), Doris G. (CO), Linda M. (WL) (until new Director starts) and Kraig B. (ES). Joanna will attend to provide support and spreadsheet changes if necessary. The first meeting of the Committee will be in January 2010.

Draft Bylaws
Judy Ervin took the group through the draft bylaws that she had developed – based on the model of the LNIB bylaws with some additions from the District IGA. LDAC members suggested a number of amendments and Judy will incorporate them and distribute a second set of draft bylaws before the Feb 2010 meeting.

Merkley Report about District effects
Joanna explained that Senator Merkley’s office had requested a written summary report of the beneficial effects that the new library district had brought to LINCC libraries. She requested brief statements from each library and added a few more details about the new Symphony system and delivered the report in early November.

Proposed Meeting Schedule - all meetings will be held at 5:30pm at Network Office. The LDAC had some difference of opinion about how often the group needs to meet. The next meeting will occur on February 11, 2010 and at that point a regular meeting schedule may be developed. There was agreement about the need to have an “Annual Meeting” to which the Library District Board (the BCC) should be invited.

Future Agenda Topics – discussion on future agenda topics for LDAC was postponed until the next meeting Feb. 2010.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:15 by Pat Duke, LDAC chair.

Action Items:

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