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Library District Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday; May 20, 2010

Time: 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Place: Library Network Office


Attending: Penny Hummel, Greg Ellis CA; Susan Nielsen, Doris Grolbert , CO; ES: ; Judy Ervin, GL; Bill Baars, LO; Mark Docken, MI; MO:; Maureen Cole, OC; George Hoyt, SA; Diane Satchwell, WL; Pat Duke, WV ; Joanna Rood, NT.

1. Introductions were exchanged and after a review of the minutes “M/S Bill/Susan N. Minutes were approved as written. Motion carried”

2.Agenda Review - no changes were proposed

3.Action Items from February 2010 meeting

4. Status of Tualatin - report/questions – Pat summarized the recent annexation vote for the portion of Tualatin that is inside Clackamas County. The annexation seems to have passed by 20 votes. The three libraries who, by LDAC agreement, will divide the 50% share of Library District revenue collected in the “Clackatin” area are Lake Oswego, Wilsonville and West Linn. These three libraries met prior to the LDAC meeting on May 20th and agreed to divide the revenue based on a 50/40/10 LO/WV/WL percentage system. Joanna will implement this decision in the FY 10-11 distribution formula.

There are still some details to be worked out about the Tualatin annexation. LDAC would still like to see some language in the final agreement with Tualatin that excludes any future city annexations inside Clackamas County from the Library District revenue sharing agreement. Pat will send Doris a copy of this LDAC resolution and Doris will check in with Chris Storey and let us know the status.

5. Damascus Resolution to join District – Doris shared the latest information about efforts in the City of Damascus to consider annexing to the Library District. A group of citizens collected signatures and requested that the city consider annexing. The Damascus City Council subsequently produced a resolution requesting that the annexation be placed on the November 2010 ballot. The new library that will be opening in Sunnyside is located only 4 miles from the Damascus city limits and so it should be an incentive for a positive vote. After discussion LDAC M/S George/Judy :

“The Library District Advisory Committee at its May 20, 2010 meeting recommends that the Library District Governing Board accept resolution number 10-253 dated May 3, 2010 as submitted by the Damascus City Council. This resolution asks the matter of an annexation of Damascus into the Library District be placed on the Nov 2, 2010 General Election ballot.” Motion was approved

At a later date, the Committee will develop and send to the District Board additional recommendations regarding service population and revenue distribution of the proposed annexation.
Joanna will write up this recommendation and forward to Pat who will send it directly to the Board of County Commissioners.

LDAC agreed that the second recommendation letter concerning Damascus should specify that Damascus will be entering as a non-city since they do not operate a library. FY 11-12 would be the first year that taxes would be collected from the City of Damascus if the annexation attempt was approved by voters in November 2010. If this annexation is approved, all of the revenue collected would be placed into the unincorporated pot of money because Damascus does not currently operate its own library and the per capita of the city would be allocated to the TC/Sunnyside library as the nearest facility.

6. Library Reports to LDAC - Attachment #3

Joanna reviewed the draft form that she prepared to fulfill the requirement that Library District members report to the Library District Board once per year on their progress toward OLA standards. After discussion and several revisions for the sake of clarity, several decisions were made:

  1. FY 09-10 would be the first year reported on in the form
  2. This completed form should be submitted as a cover sheet along with a copy of the State Library statistical report to the Library District board at the November annual meeting.
  3. The BCC had recently sent out a general memo requesting information about financial stewardship and future goals from its various districts. LDAC will utilize this report to fulfill this responsibility.

Mark suggested the LDAC put out a press release around the time these report were submitted.

7.Proposed Meeting Schedule - all meetings at 5:30pm at Network Office:
a.August 12, 2010
b.November 18, 2010
c. February 10, 2011
d. May 12, 2011

8. Future Agenda Topics -
a. Further Damascus discussions
b. Finalize Library Reports
c. Tualatin IGA

Action Items from May 20 201 meeting:

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