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Library District Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday; Aug. 12, 2010

Time: 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Place: Library Network Office


Attending: Penny Hummel, CA; Susan Nielsen, Doris Grolbert, CO; Kraig Bartel, ES: ; Judy Ervin, GL; Jackie Rose, LO; Mark Docken, MI; Sandy Nelson, MO; Maureen Cole, OC; George Hoyt, SA; Diane Satchwell, WL; Pat Duke, WV ; Joanna Rood, NT.

  1. Agenda Review - no additions or changes were made
  2. Approval of Minutes - Attachment #1
    M/S Neilsen/Bartel
    “that the Minutes of the May 20 2010 LDAC be approved with two corrections:
    • Kraig Bartel was in attendance representing Estacada.
    • First line of the Action items should read: “Joanna will integrate the SPLIT of the Clackatin funding into the FY 10-11 formula” not “spit.”
    Motion carried.
  3. IGA Proposed Amendments for Annexations – Doris distributed a draft amendment to the Library District IGA and explained that Clackamas County Counsel (Chris Storey)had proposed a general amendment to the Library District IGA to be signed by all original signatories to the agreement in lieu of separate IGAs for Tualatin and perhaps Damascus at a future date. Pat suggested one edit, specifying that “The population of that portion of the City of Tualatin that is inside Clackamas County would not be added to the general distribution formula.”

    Doris will take all edits from LDAC and forward to Chris. After accepting comments or edits from LDAC, Chris will forward the draft amendment to Tualatin for their comments. After all comments are received, the final revision will be sent out to cities and they would place the item on their City Council agendas for approval. If this process is not completed by January 15, distribution of (only!) the revenue collected via the Tualatin annexation would be delayed until all Library District IGA amendments are signed.

    Joanna will notify County finance dept if it appears that there will be a delay in the Tualatin distribution.

    Re: Damascus, Doris clarified that she asked Chris to draft language into the IGA that specifies that Damascus will be treated like a non-Library City, that the Damascus AV revenue will be in the unincorporated part of the formula and that all of the Damascus population served will be allocated to the HV/ Sunnyside Village service area. This is a change from the original concept in which Happy Valley and Damascus were going to jointly operate the new Happy Valley library. This no longer seems feasible, so the IGA will be amended to reflect the reality that Damascus will remain a non-library city.

  4. Johnson City annexation rate reduction request - The City Recorder of Johnson City telephoned and requested that LDAC consider offering their city residents a cheaper annual card option than the $95 that is the current “out of district” fee. LDAC declined to take action on this request as they felt that it was not their mandate to make an exception to the current practice.
  5. Annual General Meeting - The November 11 2010 meeting of the LDAC is the annual general meeting to which the Library District Board (BCC) are traditionally invited. Joanna outlined a possible agenda for this meeting: Pat will welcome everyone to the meeting, Joanna will share some overall statistics about the progress of library service throughout the county and then each library will give a three minute report on their individual progress. Joanna agreed to communicate this agenda to the BCC admin staff, to make available copies of the annual reports to the Library District Board (the BCC) and to contact the BCC admin office to confirm attendance of the BCC and to book a room in the DSB for the meeting.
  6. LDAC Officer Elections -Pat requested input from LDAC members about the timing and process for the election of officers for the Committee. When no specific suggestions were proposed, the issue was postponed until the November meeting.
  7. Library Report Form - approval - Attachment #2 -Joanna distributed the current version of the Library District Annual Report form. The form was approved. Each Library Director will complete the form and submit a copy to Joanna along with the State Library Report for FY 09-10. The deadline for this action was established as November 1, 2010.
  8. Proposed Meeting Schedule - all meetings at 5:30pm at Network Office.
    Joanna will contact the BCC admin to confirm attendance at the November 18th LDAC meeting.:
    1. August 12, 2010
    2. November 18, 2010
    3. February 10, 2011
    4. May 12, 2011
  9. Other agenda items - Judy Ervin mentioned that she had heard about a concept for a branch library of the Ledding Library someday being placed at the Harmony Road campus of Clackamas Community College. Teresa Tuffli, Director of Community Education at Harmony Road had originally raised this issue to Judy. Judy will follow up.

Action Items:

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