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Library District Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday; Feb. 10, 2011

Time: 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Place: Library Network Office


Attending: Penny Hummel, CA; Susan Neilsen, Doris Grolbert, CO; Kraig Bartel, ES; Judy Ervin, GL; Bill Baars, LO; Mark Docken, MI; Sandy Nelson, MO; Maureen Cole, OC; George Hoyt, SA; Diane Satchwell, WL; Pat Duke, WV; Joanna Rood, NT

The meeting was called to order by Pat Duke, Chair at 5:35pm. After agenda review, two items were added.

Agenda additions: Judy Ervin asked the group if they were experiencing similar increases in difficult behavior from the public who wished to testify on current issues. Gladstone has experienced such an increase in incivility. Other members confirmed that their public hearing were also frequently contentious. Maureen Cole recommended Susan and Peter Glazer as consultants who provided good training in dealing with difficult public testimony.

Penny Hummel asked the LDAC whether her information that the “capital district” funding mechanism for constructing a new library (as employed by Deschutes County) had indeed been discarded as a viable option in Clackamas County. Joanna confirmed that as of her last info from the Clackamas County Counsel, this method was not specifically allowed under current ORS statutes. Also, since Clackamas County now has a County Service district for libraries, it was pointed out that there might be conflicts if another district for “similar purposes” was proposed over the same region.

The minutes from the August 2010 LDAC meeting were approved M/S Bill Baars/Diane Satchwell. Motion carried.

Doris Grolbert reported on the current status of the Library District IGA. She explained that there was a new proposal from Chris Storey, Clackamas County Counsel to split out the addition of Damascus as a participating member of the district into one amendment so that approval of this annexation could proceed even if the ongoing negotiations with Tualatin over the specific language of their addition to the district was further delayed. Doris had distributed copies of the Damascus wording for LDAC review.

After discussion M/S/ Susan Nielsen/Bill “That LDAC recommends to the Board of County Commissioners that the proposed process and language for handling the Damascus annexation to the district be accepted.” Motion carried.

As a second stage in the IGA amendment process, Doris explained that Chris had proposed modifying the language to create a separate amendment that just covered Tualatin. LDAC discussed the Tualatin proposed language changes again and reconfirmed their previous position that the current language of the IGA should stand without modification namely that any future modifications to the AV portion of the formula (which would be necessary if future annexations by the city of Tualatin were allowed to affect the distribution) would still require the express approval of 100% of the Library District participating cities.

M/S Bill/Diane “The LDAC recommends to the Board of County Commissioners that the language in the IGA should stand as is in reference to future modifications of the formula.” Motion carried

LDAC members expressed concern that if Tualatin delayed approving the amendment language much longer, there would be hardship on the three libraries (LO, WV and WL) who were expecting to receive 50% of the Tualatin AV revenue as part of the FY 10-11 distribution.

If it proves legally possible to distribute any portion of the Tualatin revenue before the Tualatin portion of the IGA amendment is signed (Doris will check with Chris Storey) then LDAC proposed: M/S/Penny/Susan “That if there is gross delay in the approval of the Tualatin amendment, LDAC recommends that the distribution to LO, WL and WV be allowed to proceed, if necessary by a further split in the amendment.” Motion carried.

Joanna Rood distributed preliminary spreadsheets showing FY 11-12 distribution. She confirmed that as of Feb 10, there was still no data available at the census block group level that would allow her to update the Library Service area population figures. Since most libraries are well in to the FY 11-12 budget process, LDAC agreed to postpone the implementation of the 2010 federal census figures until the FY 12-13 distribution.

M/S Bill/Penny “Since the Federal Census results are not expected to be available in a timely fashion for FY 11-12, LDAC recommends that the data be made part of the FY 12-13 distribution formula.” Motion carried.

Officer elections : Pat proposed that a special election be held for a shortened term of office (lasting just until November 2011) be held at this meeting and then a regular election could be held at the time specified in the bylaws – at the November quarterly meeting.

M/S Bill/Mark “That Susan Nielsen, the LDAC member representing Clackamas County, be elected chair of LDAC for this special term of office” Motion carried. Susan graciously accepted the election results.

Bill noted that it might be a useful precedent for LDAC to consider alternating between a citizen and a library staff person as chair of LDAC.

The next meeting of LDAC was set for Thursday May 12th at 6:40 pm instead of the usual 5:30pm.

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