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Library District Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2014

Date: Thursday; September 11, 2014

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Place: Milwaukie Library Pond House


  1. In attendance were chair George Hoyt, Sandy/Hoodland; Irene Green, Gladstone; Melissa Kelly, Canby; Katie Newell, Milwaukie; Michele Kinnamon, Estacada; Mo Cole, Oregon City; Bill Baars, Lake Oswego; Pat Duke, Wilsonville; Susan Nielsen, County; Greg Williams, Library Network; and Sandy Nelson, Molalla.
  2. Review and updates on building projects including funding time tables
    • Gladstone: The City of Gladstone does not plan on contributing any general funds to operations or capital improvement for the Gladstone Library; therefore, all funding must come from the District, bonds, and/or any contribution from the County;
    • Oregon City: Mo explained the financing package for the Oregon City Library addition and renovation project, which included $1M from the County IGA, over $3M in savings, which include City general funds which go into a library capital reserve account and money from the District which was not expended by Oregon City Library, and up to $6M in bonds. Part of the bond repayment funds will be District funds in addition to some of the District funds already in savings.
  3. Further discussion on the issue of using Library District funds for Capital Projects

      Options before us:

    1. Do nothing now and wait until June 2015 when the Estacada District can be eliminated before addressing the question?
    2. Start working on draft changes to the IGA’s allowing capital usage?
    3. Begin now to talk with the cities about changing the IGA’s to allow capital funding?
    4. Other options that might be suggested
    5. Bill suggested that the group contact the County and suggest that the group is available to start working on this project but would request some help from County counsel. After a great deal of discussion, it was decided that Bill will draft a letter for all to review, and this letter should go to the County with the assistance of Martha Schrader. Mo will try to locate minutes from the County Commission at which this was discussed or ask Doris to locate.

  4. Decide on the course of action – See #3 above
  5. Do we need to appoint a committee now to: See #3 above
    1. Work on a preliminary IGA?
    2. What percent of funds could be taken from district operating money, for library only capital projects?
    3. What kinds of capital project would qualify?
    4. Other considerations?
  6. A preliminary look at the evaluation of cities expense allocations to libraries: this was put off for next time
    1. Review preliminary data
    2. Note corrections
  7. Comments from all by going around the room
  8. Next Meeting date: a tentative meeting date has been set up for November 13 at 6:00 at West Linn Public Library.

Ajourn: the meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

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