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Library District Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda

Date: February 11, 2016

Time: 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Place: Gladstone City Hall

1. Approval of the Minutes for January 15, 2016

2. Introducing the newly appointed Committee Members

3. Self introduction of all Committee Members and Guests

4. New Business

A. Review of the Ballot Measure statement on allocations
(See attachment)

B. Review of the 2014 library practices
(See attachment)


C. Proposal to change of library annual reporting to LDAC - Pat Duke
Per the IGA, each library reports to LDAC on a series of performance measures. Much of it was based on the reporting requirement of the Oregon Library Association. In the recent past, however, these measures have changed.

To conform with the current OLA measures, and to incorporate some other data related to financial and auditing factors, some changes to the reporting form have been proposed (see attached).

Proposed changes are attached. The page with the new factors has been added. Since this report is required annually after the end of June each year, it is necessary to review and vote on it.


5. Old Business

Library District Advisory Membership Board Policy (See attachment)

Since the District was created, there has not been a review of operating practices by the Committee. There is a need to address and clarity some LDAC procedures. First step is going back to the Ballot measure and the IGA, and reaffirm the definitions set forth there. The IGA does not specify a city selection process for advisory members but defers back to the Ballot measure statement, which the voters approved as the guideline for the District creation. The Ballot Measure is clear that candidates for LDAC be members of Local Library Boards.

The second step is to ask the District’s Board of Directors to reaffirm LDAC practices in selection criteria of the members of the Committee.

A Proposed Advisory Board Policy Statement

Cities, when proposing members to the county Library District Advisory Committee, select an “independent citizen” member of their Library’s Board. The “independent citizens” would live in the service area of the library and not be city employee, or elected city official.


6. Future Meeting Dates

Review of new dates and times from survey

March 10(?), 2016 – Policy decision concerning allocated charges by cities to Libraries.

Library Reports

Each Library representative has an opportunity to report to the Committee any significant happening in his or her city library in the past months.

7. Informational Communications

8. Any other Business

9. Adjournment

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