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Library District of Clackamas County Advisory Committee

Minutes - APPROVED
August 22, 2016
Clackamas County Development Services Building, Rm. 119/120


Advisory Committee Voting Members

John Smith Canby Public Library PRESENT
Grover Bornefeld Clackamas County Library - Oak Lodge PRESENT
Connie Redmond Estacada Public Library PRESENT
Katie Lewis Gladstone Public Library PRESENT
Robin Wheeler Happy Valley Public Library PRESENT
Nancy Niland Lake Oswego Public Library PRESENT
Karol Miller Ledding Library of Milwaukie PRESENT
Sandy Nelson Molalla Public Library PRESENT
Don Wright Oregon City Public Library PRESENT
George Hoyt Sandy Public Library PRESENT
Pam North West Linn Public Library PRESENT
Caroline Berry Wilsonville Public Library PRESENT

Others Present

Greg Williams Clackamas County Library Network - LDAC Liaison
Steve Johnson City of Gladstone
Natalie Smith Gladstone Library Board
Jacque Betz City of Gladstone
Tammy Stempel Gladstone Planning
Ed Gronke MAP-IT Jennings Lodge
Michele Kinnamon Director, Estacada Public Library
Linda Lewis Director, Gladstone Public Library
Mitzi Olson Manager, Oak Lodge Library
Doug Erickson Director, West Linn Public Library, LINCC Directors Group Liaison
Bill Baars Director, Lake Oswego Public Library
Laura Zentner Deputy Director, Clackamas County Business and Community Services
Doris Grolbert Director, Happy Valley Public Library
Irene Green Director, Canby Public Library
Patrick Duke Director, Wilsonville Public Library
Sarah McIntyre Director, Sandy and Hoodland Public Libraries
Gary Barth Director, Clackamas County Business and Community Services
John Frick Sandy
Paul Savas Clackamas County Commissioner


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Chair North indicated that several Library Directors were seated at the table; going forward, the intent is for Library Directors to be available as an informational resource for their City’s LDAC representative, and not to be actively involved in committee decision-making or parliamentary processes.

Chair North also indicated that the agenda for the meeting included a formal public comment period. Since the committee, however, had not yet had a chance to convene and discuss specific parameters of a public comment process, she asked that for this meeting, any public comments be kept to one comment per person and be kept to fewer than five minutes.

Sandy Nelson moved that the minutes of the June 14, 2016 be approved as presented, Nancy Niland seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Chair North opened the meeting to public comment. No comments were offered.

Doug Erickson, Director of the West Linn Public Library and current liaison between LDAC and the LINCC Director’s Group, presented information regarding libraries’ use of Library District operating funds for capital purposes. Doug explained that the information had been gathered from each of the LINCC Library Directors, and indicated that any additional questions about a particular library’s usage of funds would best be answered by the library’s Director. Committee members were encouraged to send any follow-up questions to Chair North, who will work with Doug to get the question to the appropriate Library Director.

Greg Williams, Library Network Manager and County Liaison to LDAC, and Laura Zentner, Business and Community Services Deputy Director, presented some orientation materials (entitled ‘LDAC 101’) that had been developed with the goal of providing LDAC members with comprehensive, accessible information about District funding, operations, and governance.

The ‘LDAC 101’ material covers four broad areas, namely:

(As the ‘LDAC 101’ packet is available for review, these minutes will focus on members’ questions/comments/discussions of various sections of the presentation, rather than summarizing or rephrasing ‘LDAC 101’ contents)

Library District Formation discussion

Library District Funding discussion

District Library Operations discussion

Library District Governance discussion

After the ‘LDAC 101’ presentation/discussion, LDAC members shared updates from their libraries.

The scheduling of the next meeting was discussed, particularly the frequency of meetings. Greg relayed that the group, at different times, had discussed and adopted different meeting frequencies.

A motion was made by Don Wright to meet on the 4th Monday of the month. Grover Bornefeld expressed his feeling that there is a large amount of work for LDAC to do; and that while he saw meetings being held quarterly in the future, he felt that a more frequent meeting schedule might be needed at present.

At the suggestion of Katie Lewis, Don Wright amended his original motion to move that LDAC would meet on the 4th Monday of the month as needed. Caroline Berry seconded. Voting was as follows:

John Smith X
Jeff Bornefeld X
Connie Redmond X
Katie Lewis X
Robin Wheeler X
Nancy Niland X
Karol Miller X
Sandy Nelson X
Don Wright X
George Hoyt X
Pam North X
Caroline Berry X

John Smith thanked the Library Directors for being at the table with members.

The meeting adjourned at 8:37 PM.

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