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Library District of Clackamas County Advisory Committee

Minutes - APPROVED
January 23, 2017
Clackamas County Development Services Building, Rm. 119/120


Advisory Committee Voting Members

Kathleen Myron Canby Public Library Present
Grover Bornefeld Clackamas County Library - Oak Lodge Present
Connie Redmond Estacada Public Library Present
VACANT (appointment pending) Gladstone Public Library
VACANT Happy Valley Public Library
Nancy Niland Lake Oswego Public Library Present Vice-Chair
Karol Miller Ledding Library of Milwaukie Present
Sandy Nelson Molalla Public Library Absent (excused)
Don Wright Oregon City Public Library Present
George Hoyt Sandy Public Library Present
Pam North West Linn Public Library Absent (excused) Chair
Caroline Berry Wilsonville Public Library Present

Others Present

Greg Williams Clackamas County Library Network - LDAC Liaison
Sarah McIntyre Director, Sandy and Hoodland Public Libraries
Irene Green Director, Canby Public Library
Lauren Gunderson Interim Director, Gladstone Public Library
Natalie Smith Gladstone LDAC nominee (appointment pending)
Maureen Cole Director, Oregon City Public Library
Michele Kinnamon Director, Estacada Public Library
Mitzi Olson Manager, Oak Lodge Library
Patrick Duke Director, Wilsonville Public Library
Bill Baars Director, Lake Oswego Public Library
Doris Grolbert Director, Happy Valley Public Library
Doug Erickson Director, West Linn Public Library, LINCC Directors Group Liaison
Al Matecko Happy Valley
Steve Johnson Gladstone City Councilor
John Frick PAC Treasurer


The meeting was called to order @ 7:00 PM by Nancy Niland, Vice-Chair.

Kathleen Myron, new representative from Canby introduced herself. Kathleen grew up in Oregon City, and libraries have been part of her life since childhood.

Natalie Smith, pending appointee from Gladstone introduced herself. Natalie has been a Gladstone resident for 16 years, has served on the Gladstone Library Board for 3 ½ years, and serves on the City of Gladstone Planning Commission.

Don Wright made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 24, 2016 minutes. The motion was seconded by Caroline Berry. The motion passed unanimously.

Public Comment

Vice Chair Niland opened the floor to public comment.

Annual Progress Reports

Greg Williams presented draft copies of libraries’ Annual Progress Reports, which were compiled based on data submitted by each individual library. Greg explained that these reports are generally submitted to the Board of County Commissioners (in their capacity as Library District Board). Karol Miller observed that different libraries mentioned different types of revenue (e.g., Ready to Read grants, Friends’ grants, fine revenue, photocopier funds, endowments, etc…), and that she would like to see additional space on the form used to identify non-County or non-City revenue. Karol also indicated a desire for consistency between individual libraries’ reports for the categories of revenue reported, so that it would be possible to conduct an “apples to apples” comparison.

Karol then made a motion to add an “other income” blank to the revenue reporting section of the Annual Progress Report form. The motion was initially seconded by Don Wright. In the subsequent discussion, Greg Williams asked if the motion was intended to alter this year’s form, or subsequent years’ forms. Karol indicated it would be an adjustment to this year’s forms. A discussion ensued about the feasibility of collecting this new information and including it with this year’s report to the Library District Board. Several Library Directors weighed in to discuss the feasibility of collecting this new data, the feasibility of including it in this year’s report, the usefulness of this data to the Library District Board, and the differences in each City’s budgeting and revenue reporting/forecasting procedures. Karol indicated a concern that if financial data isn’t clear to LDAC, it may not be clear to voters. Doug Erickson (West Linn Public Library Director) pointed out that this type of information is reflected in each City’s budget. Vice Chair Niland suggested that, based on these discussions and feedback, it might be preferable to send the reports “as is”, and that LDAC can continue to discuss alterations to the form in the future. Don Wright then withdrew his second of Karol’s motion.

Grover Bornefeld indicated he was comfortable sending the current reports, but pointed out that LDAC represented taxpayers. In order for LDAC to serve in the oversight capacity indicated in the ballot measure, he supported the idea of continuing to examine and discuss the Annual Progress Reports in the future.

A motion was made by Kathleen Myron to transmit Annual Progress Reports as submitted by libraries (including compiled data in spreadsheet format) to the Library District Board. The motion was seconded by Grover Bornefeld. The motion passed unanimously.

There was further discussion of the role of LDAC in the review and transmission of Annual Progress Report data. From the audience, John Frick wondered at what point LDAC should offer an opinion on anything contained in individual libraries’ Annual Progress Reports. Kathleen Myron also wondered whether LDAC was required to approve or reject Annual Progress Reports. Vice Chair Niland indicated that the role of the group was advisory, and wondered if, at this point, the group had any recommendations to give.

Vice Chair Niland indicated that this type of ongoing discussion between committee members and audience members was something that should be discussed as part of the Public Comment Policy discussion.

Grover Bornefeld asked whether LDAC was the only source of this information. Greg Williams cited relevant sections of the Cooperative IGA and the LDAC bylaws. Grover observed that the bylaws indicated LDAC would consider the Annual Progress Reports, but that it was not spelled out that LDAC was required to transmit the reports. Greg indicated that past practice had been for this body to transmit the Annual Progress Reports to the Library District Board. From the audience, Commissioner Paul Savas made a technical distinction between the Board of County Commissioners and the Library District Board. He also observed that if LDAC (as the advisory committee to the Library District Board) had information to give or recommendations to make to the Library Board, LDAC should formally transmit it.

Don Wright indicated that while the current Annual Progress Reports may be flawed, they represent a good faith effort to provide the Library District Board with the best information available, and it is important for LDAC to send the reports so that the Library District Board can evaluate them and determine if they need additional information. Don asked Commissioner Savas if the Library District Board would conduct such an evaluation; Commissioner Savas indicated that if LDAC sent information, the Library District Board would be inclined to discuss it.

Don Wright indicated he thought this was the best information the group could provide at the moment, but that future revisions to the Annual Progress Report were possible. George Hoyt also supported the idea of examining the Annual Progress Report and reporting process going forward, rather than trying to modify current reports “after the fact”.

Grover Bornefeld asked if something could be submitted along with the Annual Progress Reports indicating some of the concerns expressed by LDAC members, and that LDAC intended to conduct further evaluation of the Annual Progress Report form and reporting process. George Hoyt suggested this information could be included in a cover letter accompanying the Annual Progress Reports, and Greg Williams suggested it would be most appropriate for the Chair and/or Vice Chair to produce such a cover letter. Grover wondered whether committee members would see that cover letter prior to submission. Vice Chair Niland confirmed that would be the case.

Public Comment Policy

Vice Chair Niland again asked for feedback on how LDAC members wished to handle public comments. George Hoyt indicated he felt the proposed public comment policy was too formal, especially for the kinds of meetings LDAC has. Vice Chair Niland asked whether some sort of time limit should be indicated or enforced. Grover Bornefeld felt a general time limit could be indicated, but it could also be left to the discretion of the Chair. Grover relayed that he has been involved with other bodies where participation was encouraged (and not limited to a specific period), and agreed with George that he did not feel a more formal policy was required. Kathleen Myron indicated that the “give and take” of a more free-flowing discussion reassures citizens that they have a voice and can be heard, and does not constrain feedback with arbitrary time limits. Natalie Smith agreed that it was good to solicit participation, but that it is also desirable to have some sort of mechanism whereby someone wishing to speak can be recognized. Vice Chair Niland outlined a suggested, less formal public comment process, where members of the public could request to be recognized by the Chair (by raising a hand), and provide feedback and/or interact with Committee. Discussion on a topic could, at the Chair’s discretion, be closed in the interests of moving forward with Committee proceedings. A revised public comment process incorporating these features will be provided to members for review by the next meeting.

LDAC 101 final follow-up

In response to a question asked during the last meeting about the “LDAC 101” presentation/material, Greg Williams reported that he had consulted with County Counsel and had confirmed that when the District IGA refers to a “Library City”, that term should also be understood to include the County in its role as a District library service provider operating the Oak Lodge Library.

Library Sharing

Canby – Since the new library building opened in October, usage has grown significantly, with various metrics (program participation, circulation, issuance of new patron library cards) nearly doubling. With one staff member retiring and another on maternity leave, staff have been very busy! The Friends have been active supporting the library and running the store. Things are booming, and people love the new library!

Estacada – Survey and engineering for the parking lot expansion will be starting this week, and (when complete) will add 95 additional spaces. The City of Estacada has a new web site, and the library’s new pages on the site have been very well-received.

Oak Lodge – The library’s focus this year is on community involvement and building the library’s volunteer base. The library’s new Friends group qualified for 501(c)(3) status. A group of volunteers is working to start a seed library.

Lake Oswego – The library is remodeling its Circulation area, and is excited about the County-wide implementation of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and Lake Oswego’s local implementation of AMH (Automated Materials Handling) technology. The “Lake Oswego Reads” program will be held in February; the Friends are paying for 800 copies of the book to be given away and for an author event. There are more events planned than there are days in the month! Also, approval has been granted for the Friends bookstore (the Booktique) to move into the new Police Station facility when it is built.

Gladstone – The Library is in the process of hiring a Youth Services Coordinator.

Ledding Library of Milwaukie – Everyone is very excited about the new addition. Hacker has been selected as the project’s architect, and Swinerton Builders have been selected as the construction manager. On February 2nd, the Library’s Cultural Forum (in the Pond House) will welcome Peter Franc, Principal Dancer of the Oregon Ballet Theatre.

Oregon City – The number of people coming through the new building each month has been exceeding the City population. Issuance of new library cards is high, with 170 issued in October and 385 in December. The new meeting room is booked all the time, and the Teen area is cooking!

Sandy/Hoodland – The Friends were offered a $5,000 matching grant for their endowment fund. In about 8 weeks, the Friends exceeded that total, raising nearly $7,300 (which the donor matched). The endowment is intended to provide perpetual funds for library programming.

West Linn – West Linn is opening its first off-site book drop, located in the Willamette neighborhood. Eventually, the library plans to have a total of 4 book drops located throughout the City. The Library is also working to place book returns in 6 primary schools.

Wilsonville – The Library hired a new Operations Manager, Shasta Barnes. The Library is also celebrating two anniversaries; the Library’s 35th anniversary, as well as the 5th anniversary of participation with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

Library Network – The Library Network office is focusing on coordinating the District-wide RFID implementation project.


The Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM.

Minutes submitted by Greg Williams

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