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MAP-IT Report
June 30, 2015

To: Board of Commissioners
Clackamas County

From: McLoughlin Area Plan Implementation Team (MAP-IT)

Re: Quarterly Report of Activities

Honorable Chair and Commissioners:

Since our last report to you on March 31, our committee has met three times and subcommittees have met a number of times.

Listed below are our items of primary focus during the past three months:

Street Lighting –At our June meeting, which was attended by some of you, we had a celebration of the signing of the first petitions to join Clackamas County Service District #5, the Special Lighting District, to install consistent street lighting the length of McLoughlin Boulevard from the Milwaukie city limits to the Gladstone city limits. This will be a first for that street. The McLoughlin Area Business Alliance (MABA is spearheading this drive and has contracted with a person with a background in gathering such signatures. We have a six-month window in which to gather at least 60% of the required signatures, and there are high hopes that this effort will be successful. During that period, we will continue to work with DTD Assistant Director Dan Johnson to locate the final funds necessary so that the construction of the required infrastructure can begin. The community is quite excited about this project.

Drive to Zero Campaign – Your Traffic Engineering Supervisor, Joe Marek, and others in his department are meeting with us to discuss the best way to initiate this campaign. It is serendipitous that this is happening in conjunction with the street lighting project, since that effort will definitely impact the success of the safety campaign for the Boulevard.

Jennings Lodge Retreat Center –The community continues to meet to discuss the possible impact of the proposed development of this property. The developer has been silent on the issue for at least the past two months.

Trolley Trail Signage – The committee met with representatives of the North Clackamas Park District and Metro to discuss proposed signage plans for the Trolley Trail. There was a good exchange of ideas, including those submitted by the audience in attendance. From what we were told, we have high hopes that this process will result in signage for this trail which is informative, educational and helpful to those who use it.

Design Overlay Suggestions for Sections of McLoughlin Boulevard – Our Design Subcommittee, chaired by MAP-IT member and architect Nate Burton, continues to work on this sensitive issue. He has made presentations to the CPO’s in the area, and has also met with County Planning Director Mike McCallister and some of his staff. At MAP-IT’s meeting on July 7, Nate will bring us up to date on those discussions and what seem to be the next logical steps. We realize that this must be approached carefully, giving all the affected property owners a chance to view the possible changes and have input. This must be done before we request County Staff to proceed with possible changes to the Zoning rules.

Open Space Preservation – Our Environmental Subcommittee, chaired by Terry Gibson, continues to champion the importance of preserving the positive characteristics of the area in which we live, and the importance of restoring those areas which have become damaged or degraded. The Oak Lodge Sanitary District has received a sizeable grant from Metro to aid in restoration of the Boardman wetlands, a project of great importance to Terry’s subcommittee. He will be scheduling numerous community volunteer work days as this proceeds. The Schoolyard Farms project at Candy Lane School has made impressive progress. It is receiving a $25,000 grant from Meyer Memorial Trust to aid in its work. Weekly CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares are now being distributed, with the proceeds going back to this project. It is a positive experience for the students at Candy Lane as well as the neighbors and friends of the project.

As has become our custom, listed below are those areas where we feel that the County Commission could take immediate action to support one or more of the projects or programs we are studying:

  1. The proposed sidewalk and bicycle path improvements on Jennings between McLoughlin and Oatfield are, we know, on the construction schedule for FY 2016. We urge you to complete them as quickly as possible to alleviate the dangers to the pedestrians and cyclists who use the road daily, especially those of grade school age.
  2. The “Drive to Zero” campaign on McLoughlin dovetails nicely with the street lighting project as well as our continuing dialogues with ODOT (with your support) on needed improvements to pedestrian crossings on the Boulevard.
  3. We will continue to work with Dan Johnson to find sources for the final $215,000 needed for the street lighting infrastructure. We need your experience and support in this effort.

As always, we intend to be part of the solution to these challenges, with your cooperation.

Finally, we thank you for your renewal of your commitment to our efforts in facilitating the implementation of the programs and projects identified in MAP I and MAP II.

Ed Gronke, Chair
Jennifer Harding, Vice-Chair

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