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MAP-IT Report
June 30, 2016

To: Board of Commissioners
Clackamas County

From:McLoughlin Area Plan Implementation Team (MAP-IT)

Re: Quarterly Report of Activities

Honorable Chair and Commissioners:

Since our last report to you on March 31, our committee has met three times and subcommittees have met a number of times. Listed below are our items of primary focus during the past three months:

Street Lighting – This project is moving more slowly at the ODOT level than we had hoped and expected. It now appears that the first lights may not be installed until very late 2016, with the rest of the project happening during 2017-18.

Proposed Gladstone-Oak Lodge Library – This is still a lively item of discussion and debate in our communities. Since a local group of concerned citizens has been formed and is working hard on this, we have elected to stand aside for the present while they continue their efforts. We will continue to keep informed and to be available, if needed, to facilitate an outcome fair to all concerned.

Design Overlay Suggestions for Sections of McLoughlin Boulevard – Our Land Use and Transportation Subcommittee (formerly the Design Committee), now chaired by Joseph Edge, is continuing discussions with the County Planning and Zoning Division on how to address the need for mixed-use development on McLoughlin Blvd. in ways that will be advantageous to current and future landowners and businesses and support continued economic development in the area.

Open Space Preservation – Our Environmental Subcommittee, chaired by Terry Gibson, continues to work with and support Schoolyard Farms at both Candy Lane Elementary School and the New Urban High School in Oak Grove. These projects have achieved competitive grants that enable Schoolyard Farms to continue its mission of inspiring appreciation in our youth for the environment, while educating them in the value of fresh produce grown by them and consumed locally.

The properties involved in the Boardman Wetlands Complex have already been acquired or are close to that point, reaching the milestone of formal agreement for implementation of the most recent Nature in the Neighborhoods grant in the community. Final design is now underway and construction will begin next year during the in-water work window.

MAP-IT Work Plan for 2016 - In our March report, we listed the elements of our work plan for 2016. Since that time, the U.S. EPA approved the joint Assessment Grant for identification and preparation of brownfield clean-up plans along the McLoughlin Corridor, so we have added involvement in that work to our plan. Part of that project will involve Metro, the City of Milwaukie, Oregon City and Clackamas County in forming a group to identify possible “brownfield sites” in the McLoughlin area for future remediation (with the possibility of future grants from the EPA to assist in the work). Our MABA (McLoughlin Area Business Alliance) members can be invaluable as sources for this information. Our revised work plan is as follows:

Listed below are those areas where we believe the County Commission could take immediate action to support one or more of the projects or programs we are studying:

  1. We appreciate your actions in the controversies surrounding the proposed library in Gladstone. We urge you to continue active negotiations with the City of Gladstone to resolve the current impasse. We would also suggest that you encourage active dialogue by Gladstone, and continue direct county dialogue, with the communities of Oak Grove and Jennings Lodge, both of which are feeling somewhat disenfranchised by this process.
  2. We are quite interested in being represented on the advisory group proposed by Metro to conduct surveys of possible “brownfield properties” on or near McLoughlin Blvd. Cleaning up these properties can yield positive benefits for future redevelopment of the area.
  3. Any changes in the current C-3 zoning along McLoughlin Blvd. will require careful consideration and involvement by the business and property owners involved. Please encourage the Planning & Zoning Division to continue its conversations with our subcommittees on the best and most efficient ways to do this.
  4. Finally, at our June meeting, we had an extended discussion of the future prospects for MAP-IT and possible ways to encourage more active participation in our work by the communities we serve. A number of minor changes were made in committee structure and operations to ensure the continued efficient and effective operations of our group. The changes, detailed in the minutes of our June meeting, include reducing the number of people required for a quorum and allowing the chair to vote in case of a tie. We also conducted our annual election, and our officers for 2016-2017 are: Ed Gronke, Chair, and Terry Gibson, Vice Chair.

It has been another eventful quarter for our committee. We appreciate your continued confidence and support of our efforts.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue working to implement the Programs and Projects identified in MAP I and MAP II.

Ed Gronke, Chair Jennifer Harding, Vice-Chair


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