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MAP-IT Report
Sept. 30, 2016

To: Board of Commissioners, Clackamas County
From: McLoughlin Area Plan Implementation Team (MAP-IT)
Re: Quarterly Report of Activities

Honorable Chair and Commissioners:

Since our last report to you on June 30, our committee has met twice and subcommittees have met a number of times. Listed below are our items of primary focus during the past three months:

Street Lighting – This project has made little progress during the past 90 days. County staff and PGE are working with ODOT to surmount the remaining legal obstacles. It is still possible that the first lights may be installed before the end of 2016. The balance of the project, requiring installation of additional power lines and light poles, will probably stretch through 2017 and finish in early 2018.

Proposed Gladstone-Oak Lodge Library – The City of Gladstone has filed suit against Clackamas County in this ongoing dispute. The County has cancelled its IGA with Gladstone. In light of these events, we feel our best course is to allow this to play out before we attempt any further involvement.

Design Overlay Suggestions for Sections of McLoughlin Boulevard – Our Land Use and Transportation Subcommittee has continued its consideration of ways to move this proposal forward. We are currently trying to arrange meetings with property owners in the area under consideration, along McLoughlin Boulevard from Park Avenue to Courtney. The information gathered during those meetings will inform our future actions.

Repurposing Ideas for Concord Elementary School – we received a report recently from the Concord Partnership, the non-profit group formed to repurpose Concord School. They have a done some very innovative work and will have a public forum in early October to showcase their ideas and ask for comments and suggestions. MAP-IT is among their supporters.

Open Space Preservation – Our Environmental Subcommittee, chaired by Terry Gibson, has continued to work with and support the Schoolyard Farms projects at Candy Lane Elementary and New Urban High Schools. These are proving highly successful and have gained a lot of support from the surrounding communities. Terry and his committee are looking at ways to encourage and support other community gardens in the area.

MAP-IT Work Plan for 2016

Listed below are those areas where we believe the County Commission could support one or more of the projects or programs we are studying:

  1. We appreciate your actions in the controversies surrounding the proposed library in Gladstone. We also understand that there is little more you can do until this issue is settled in the courts.
  2. We are quite interested in being represented on the advisory group proposed by Metro to conduct surveys of possible “brownfield properties” on or near McLoughlin Blvd. Cleaning up these properties can yield positive benefits for future redevelopment of the area.
  3. We will do everything in our power to get sufficient feedback from the affected property owners along McLoughlin, between Park and Courtney, to convince the Planning Division to propose changes to the zoning of that area. With the increased pressure for more affordable housing, such zoning might help attract the mixed - use buildings which would answer some of that need while increasing the commercial viability of the Boulevard. Any action you can take to assist us in these efforts would be of great help.

As in the past, this has been a quarter of some small successes, some surprises and some frustrations for our committee. We appreciate your continued confidence and support of our efforts.

With your patience and cooperation, we will continue working to implement the Programs and Projects identified in MAP I and MAP II.

Ed Gronke, Chair Terry Gibson, Vice-Chair

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