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Community Champions

Open Minds Open Doors is a campaign that relies upon the support and help of a community of champions, champions that will speak up about mental health and addiction.

Open Minds Open Doors is designed to engage the general public, the business community, youth, the faith community, elected officials, health care providers, and anyone who can influence change. It is important to know that change comes from personal relationships and learning from people we trust. Through education and more understanding, the stigma around mental illness and addiction can be reduced, and an environment will grow where people feel safe seeking out help when they need it.

Open Minds Open Doors has created a program for people interested in getting involved. The community champions program provides information, resources, and support for people that want to step up and be champions in the fight against the stigma around mental illness and addiction. There are a number of ways for champions to get involved, including reaching out to friends and family, talking to neighbors, working with community organizations and churches, or even organizing an event. If you are interested in supporting the campaign and would like information on how you can be a champion, please fill out our interest form and one of our community champion coordinators will contact you.

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Campaign Partners

Folk Time        Pamplin Media Group        Clackamas County Health, Housing and Human Services