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Seal of Commitment for Businesses and Organizations

Business owners, employers, and organizations are an important component of reducing the stigma around mental health and addiction. People who have learned to live successfully with mental illness or addiction make great employees and are valuable members of the community. In order to engage businesses, employers, and organizations, the Open Minds Open Doors campaign has created the Seal of Commitment Program. This program shows that an organization or business is committed to reducing the stigma around mental illness and addiction. It is an outward symbol of an internal commitment, and a way for people to join the campaign and show their support. Businesses and organizations that sign up will receive many benefits to help them Talk About It!

The Open Minds Open Doors campaign is working to change attitudes, and challenge the myths and fears around mental illness and addiction. Open Minds Open Doors is a conversation and a call to action. Wherever the Seal of Commitment is displayed, you will find someone who has heard the call and stepped up to answer it.

By signing the seal of commitment, a business or organization agrees to:

  • Treat people with mental illness and addictions with dignity and respect
  • Work to create an environment where people with mental illness and addictions can get the help they need
  • Learn about, sharing the facts, and speaking up about mental illness and addictions
  • Reach out to neighbors, coworkers, family members, and our community to break the silence
  • Reach out to those in need and let them know help is available

Membership Matters

By joining the Seal of Commitment program, your organization or business will have access to many benefits.

  • A toolkit of resources and information that will help you TALK ABOUT IT! inside your own organization or business
  • A wide range of training materials, information, and collateral that you can use to help train and inform your employees and staff
  • Email updates with information about the campaign, research, events and activities
  • Access to training sessions with highly-qualified mental health trainers from the nationally acclaimed Mental Health First Aid program
  • Access to speakers and presentations from a range of mental health and addiction experts in Clackamas County
  • Recognition for your support on campaign materials, on the campaign website, and at campaign events occurring throughout the summer and fall of 2011

If your organization or business would like to join the campaign by signing the seal of commitment, or you would just like more information please fill out our interest form and our seal of commitment coordinator will contact you.

Campaign Partners

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