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Department of Transportation and Development, Development Services Building; 150 Beavercreek Road; Oregon City, OR 97045.

Items will not begin before time noted, but may begin later depending on the length of preceding items. Interested parties may appear and be heard at the hearing at the above address. Applications may be inspected at, and calls or correspondence directed to, the Planning Division office at the above address.

9:30 AM: Z0461-11-MAR; Graves Trinity LLV Appeal
Proposal: Appeal of a Planning Directors decision approving a Mineral and Aggregate Overlay Resources Permit (operating permit) for a mining operation. The operating permit constitutes a specific site plan review to ensure compliance with the extraction area development standards in Section 708 of the ZDO and the conditions of approval in Comprehensive Plan Amendment File No. Z0500-10-CP.
Location: West side of Dhooghe Road, approximately 2 miles south of Hwy. 211.
Legal Description: T5S, R3E, Section 17, Tax Lot 600, 690, 700 and 790, W.M.
Zoning: Timber (TBR); Mineral and Aggregate Overlay Zone (MAO)
Staff Contact: Mike McCallister, 503-742-4522 Email:

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