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Preservation Easements

Property owners may put a Preservation Easement on their property through the Historic Preservation League of Oregon. 

A preservation easement is a legal right granted by the owner of a property to an organization or a governmental entity qualified under state law to accept such an easement. It protects against undesirable development or indirect deterioration. Preservation easements may provide the most effective legal tool for the protection of privately-owned historic properties. The terms are generally incorporated into a recordable preservation easement deed and can, for example, prohibit alteration of the structure's significant features, changes in the usage of the building and land, or subdivision and topographic changes to the property. The property continues on the tax rolls at its current use designation rather than its "highest and best use" (its value if developed), thereby giving the owner a genuine tax advantage. For information on easement holders in your area, contact SHPO or statewide or local preservation organizations. For additional information, visit

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