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Fee Schedule - Planning Division

Effective July 1, 2013– June 30, 2014                To access Land Use Permit Applications, click here.

AG - Accessory Dwelling$960.00
AG - Farm Dwelling$960.00
AG - Lot Division$960.00
AG - Lot of Record Dwelling$960.00
AG - Lot of Record Dwelling - Hearings Officer Review*$2,010.00
AG - Nonfarm Dwelling$960.00
Building Permit – New SFR & MFG Homes$165.00
Cell Tower - Planning Director Review$845.00
Comprehensive Plan Amendment$3,165.00
Conditional Use*$3,945.00
Conditional Use -- Mining$10,400.00
Design Review0.384% of construction cost
$650 minimum
$36,835 maximum
Design Review (awnings w/o signing, facades & storefront revisions and similar minor changes)$135.00
Design Review (signs over 60 sq ft)$510.00
Flood Hazard Determination$125.00
Floodplain Delineation Map$210.00
Forest - 160 Acre Minimum Dwelling$960.00
Forest - 200 Acre Noncontiguous Dwelling$960.00
Forest - Lot Division$960.00
Forest - Lot of Record Dwelling$960.00
Forest - Template Dwelling$960.00
Groundwater Hydrogeologic Review**$1,295.00
Historic Landmark Overlay District Zone Change$0
Home Occupation - New & Renewals$520.00
Home Occupation - Exception$1,560.00
Interpretation - Hearings Officer*$1,660.00
Interpretation - Planning Director$730.00
Mineral & Aggregate Overlay District (Site Plan Review)$3,165.00
Minor Modification25% of current fee
$235.00 minimum
Mobile Home Park Conversion$2,600.00
Mobile Vending Unit Level Two***$800.00
Mobile Vending Unit Level Three***$1,750.00
Nonconforming Use - Alteration and/or Verification$635.00
Open Space Review$565.00
Planning Director Review$845.00
Plat Vacation$845.00
Pre-application Conference*****$285.00
Property Line Adjustment$315.00
Road Name$195.00
Sign Replacement (less than 60 sq ft)$135.00
Steep Slope Review (no public notice required)$75.00
Steep Slope Review (public notice required)$665.00
Subdivision (4 to 10 lots)$2,600.00
Subdivision (11 or more lots)*$5,090 + $45 / lot
Temporary Dwelling for Care$504.00
Temporary Use Otherwise Prohibited$520.00
Temporary Dwelling while Building / Emergency Shelter$125.00
Time Extension

25% of current fee, $235 minimum/$650 maximum

Utility Facility in EFU Zone (including cell towers)$960.00
Vested Right Determination$635.00
Zone Change - Hearings Officer Review*$4,110.00
Zone Change - Filed with another application*$3,560.00
Zone Change - PC/BCC Review, Filed with Comp Plan Amendment$2,510.00
Water Resource Applications**** 
Conflict Resolution$730.00
Construction Management Plan$455.00
Floodplain Development$960.00
Floodway Fish Enhancement$315.00
Greenway Conditional Use (development within 150’ of mean low waterline)$960.00
Greenway Conditional Use (dock only or development beyond 150’ of mean low waterline)$630.00
HCA - Development Permit Pursuant to Section 706.10 A of the ZDO$960.00
HCA - Development Permit Pursuant to Section 706.10 B of the ZDO$1,685.00
HCA - Map Verification$565.00
Principal River Conservation Area$960.00
River and Stream Conservation Area$245.00
Water Quality Resource Area Boundary Verification$565.00
Water Quality Resource Area Development Permit$1,685.00
Miscellaneous Fees 
Application Withdrawn (no notice/decision)Full Refund
Application Withdrawn (notice sent)$135.00
Application Withdrawn (decision issued)No Refund
Bike Map$6.00
Comprehensive Plan$75.00
Comprehensive Plan Map$40.00
Copies$1.00 1st page
$0.10 each addl page
Research, including Rebuild Letters (one hour minimum)$70.00 / hour
Zoning Map$40.00
Zoning Ordinance$125.00

* Fee includes a $1,050 deposit for Hearings Officer Review.

** Fee includes a $765 deposit for peer review. Based on the costs involved with the application, part of this may be refunded. In addition, if the costs exceed the $765 deposit, an additional fee will be due.

*** Application fee is a consolidated fee that includes both Planning Division and Engineering Division fees.

**** When more than one Water Resource application is filed concurrently on the same property, the highest application fee shall be paid in full. All other Water Resource applications are reduced by 25%.

***** Fee will be credited toward the application fee when a corresponding land use application is submitted by the same applicant within one year of the pre-application conference.

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