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Land Use Meetings

There are three major types of land use meetings/hearings: before the Board of County Commissioners, before the Planning Commission and before the Hearings Officer.

Design Review | Planning Commission | Hearings Officer

Board of Commissioners Land Use Hearings

July 30, 2014agendavideo packet
July 16, 2014agendavideopacket
April 30, 2014agenda videopacket
March 12, 2014agenda video 
February 26, 2014agendavideopacket
February 12, 2014agendavideo packet
December 18, 2013agendavideo packet
December 11, 2013agendavideo 
December 4, 2013agendavideopacket
November 13, 2013agendavideo 
October 30, 2013agendavideo 

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission conducts its business through public hearings and work sessions staffed by the Department of Transportation and Development.  Its decisions and recommendations are made on the basis of requirements set forth in state law, the County Comprehensive Plan and County ordinances.

The Commission is scheduled to meet at 6:30 p.m., the second and fourth Monday of every month, in the Development Services Building Auditorium, 150 Beavercreek Rd., Oregon City.  However, regular meetings may be cancelled or special meetings may be added depending on pending business.  All meetings, except for those related to personnel matters, are open to the public.  Public hearings are audio-recorded and the recordings are retained for one year.

Planning Commission Members, 2014-2015

           NAME                            LOCATION                OCCUPATION                EXPIRES

  • Thomas Peterson, Chair     Clackamas                  Engineer                          4/30/16
  • Norman Andreen               Beavercreek                Retired Business Owner    4/30/16
  • John Drentlaw                   Lake Oswego              Construction Manager       4/30/18
  • John Gray                         Oak Grove                  Tranportation Planner       4/30/18
  • Gail Holmes                      West Linn                   Retail Consultant              4/30/17
  • Mark Meek                        Gladstone                   Real Estate Broker           4/30/16
  • Brian Pasko                       Boring                        Attorney                          4/30/15
  • Michael Wagner                 Mulino                       Consulting City Planner    4/30/15
  • Vacant                                                                                                     4/30/17

For more information or to contact the Planning Commission, email or call 503-742-4500.  If you would like to view materials related to an agenda item, click here.  NOTE: Quasi-judicial land use applications begin with Z#-#, legislative text amendments begin with ZDO###.

Hearings Officer

September 4, 2014agenda 
August 28, 2014agendaactions
August 21, 2014agenda 
August 7, 2014agendaactions
July 31, 2014agendaactions
July 17, 2014agendaactions
June 26, 2014agenda 
June 19, 2014agendaactions
June 12, 2014 actions
May 15, 2014agendaactions
May 1, 2014agendaactions   listen
April 17, 2014 actions
April 3, 2014agendaactions
March 20, 2014agendaactions   listen
March 13, 2014agendaactions   listen
March 6, 2014agendaactions   listen1   listen2
February 27, 2014agendaactions
February 13, 2014agendaactions
February 6, 2014agendaactions
January 30, 2014agendaactions
January 23, 2014agendaactions
January 16, 2014agendaactions
December 19, 2013agendaactions   listen
December 5, 2013agendaactions
November 21, 2013agendaactions
November 7, 2013agendaactions
October 31, 2013agendaactions
October 24, 2013agendaactions
October 17, 2013agendaactions
October 3, 2013agendaactions
September 26, 2013agendaactions
September 19, 2013agendaactions
August 29, 2013agendaactions

Design Review Committee

The Design Review process ensures that new and significantly remodeled commercial and multifamily developments meet the needs of the entire community. Design Review considers issues that affect safety, function, overall appearance and livability. These issues include zoning, existing site conditions, off-site impacts, setbacks, access, parking, grading, drainage, signs, landscaping and architectural design. Adequate circulation for pedestrians, bicycles, cars and service vehicles also must be considered.

County staff and the Design Review Committee conduct the Design Review process. The Design Review Committee is composed of citizen volunteers, several of whom are experts in architecture, landscape design and planning.

Section 1102 of the ZDO describes Design Review in detail.

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