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Park Avenue Light Rail Station Area Plan

The Park Avenue Light Rail Station will be the southernmost station for the planned Portland/ Milwaukie line of the region's light rail system. Clackamas County worked with the community to develop a plan for possible future development in the area around the station.

Purpose and Overview

The Park Avenue Light Rail Station will be the southernmost station for the Portland-Milwaukie line of the region’s light rail system. Located on the on the west side of McLoughlin Boulevard at Park Avenue in unincorporated Clackamas County, the station will provide access to over 50 miles of light rail, connecting area residents and businesses with the larger Portland Metropolitan area. The light rail station and park-and-ride facility with approximately 350 spaces is planned to open in 2015.

The Park Avenue Light Rail Station Plan will give area neighbors, businesses and stakeholders an opportunity to create a vision for the area to respond to the changes and opportunities that will come with light rail.

Project Area: generally within one-half mile of the station, included unincorporated Clackamas County (south, east and west of the station) and areas within Milwaukie north of the station.

Project Timeframe: September 2010 - September 2011

Project Funding: through a grant from the statewide Transportation and Growth Management (TGM) Program

Project Team:  led by Clackamas County and the Oregon Department of Transportation, with support from consultants from David Evans and Associates.

Decision and Advisory Structure

The recommendation and decision-making structure consisted of the following groups:

Clackamas County Board of Commissioners

Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) – Responsible for advising on policy matters during the planning process, with members representing the following agencies:

Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) – Responsible for reviewing and advising on work products to guide plan development with representation invited from business and community groups.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) – Responsible for providing technical input on existing services and feasibility of future services with representatives from local and regional service providers and agencies.

Public Involvement

Public Open Houses -- The project hosted three public meetings.

Public Design Workshop -- A half-day public design workshop was conducted to develop two preliminary concepts for the project area.

Committee Meetings -- Meetings of the Policy Advisory Committee, Stakeholders Advisory Group and Technical Advisory Committee were open to the public.

Public Information

Website -- An active website was maintained with current technical and process information.
Email -- Email notices prior to each public event to people who indicated an interest in the project and other stakeholders.
Mail -- Postcards were mailed to study area residents and property owners, and to other interested persons, for the project kick-off event.



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