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Planning Commission Minutes
June 12, 2017
6:30 p.m., DSB Auditorium

Commissioners present:  Michael Wilson, Gail Holmes, John Drentlaw, Brian Pasko, Mark Fitz, John Gray.

Commissioners absent: Thomas Peterson

Staff present:  Mike McCallister, Martha Fritzie, Darcy Renhard.

  1. Commission Chair Drentlaw called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m. There was no public comment on things outside of the agenda items.
  2. Martha Fritzie presented the proposal for Z0067-17-C/Z0068-17-Z, which is an application for a comprehensive plan change and corresponding zone change for property adjacent to the Rose Villa retirement community. The proposed amendment would change the comp plan designation from LDR to HDR and change the zoning from R-10 and MR-1 to HDR. This would enable Rose Villa to develop the subject property so that it could be incorporated into the Rose Villa community. The subject properties are currently developed with three single-family dwellings and one tri-plex. All five of the subject properties are part of the future development phases of Rose Villa. The proposed development includes nine independent dwelling units as well as parking facilities. Proposed changes are consistent with Section 1202 of the ZDO, which requires that the zone change be consistent with the applicable goals and policies of Chapter 4 of the Comp Plan. The subject sites are viewed in conjunction with the larger Rose Villa development, which is how staff reached the conclusion that the proposal meets the criteria under Policy 4.U.1 for HDR designation. Chapter 6 of the Comp Plan encourages development that will provide a range of housing types and prices, as well as alternatives for the elderly or handicapped. Rose Villa clearly provides for this range of needs. The transportation system was found to be adequate per the County’s Traffic Engineering Division. A safety analysis was completed and found to be adequate to serve anticipated development that is included in the proposed zone change. There are a couple of recommendations from Traffic Engineering that are included in the staff report. All applicable regulations in the Metro Urban Growth Management Functional Plan are met, as well as all Statewide Planning Goals. The Fair Housing Council expressed some concerns about Goal 10 and requested that an entire Goal 10 analysis be done. The County is confident that we can make additional findings related to Goal 10 requirements because this proposal will not really have a net impact on the housing inventory. Staff is recommending approval of Z0067-17 and Z0068-17 with conditions as stated in the staff report.

    Chair Drentlaw invited the applicant to provide comment. Vassar Byrd and Sid Scott of Rose Villa came forward to provide input. They explained that there has been extensive work done in the last few years to upgrade the Rose Villa campus because it had fallen into such a state of disrepair. The campus feels more like a village center now with community gardens, open spaces, markets, and other areas for community gathering. It is a low rise garden-type village. The goal is to continue to develop in other parts of their campus. Residents come to Rose Villa because there is a lot of outdoor space and a sense of community. They are trying to build a net zero neighborhood in the new development phase. The homes that they want to build would generate as much energy as they use. They are looking at one and two-story attached cottage homes. The housing density is higher along River Road, but gets lower as you get away from River Road. The plan is to work around existing oak trees and to maintain the tree canopy and green spaces. Commissioner Gray asked how many residents were on the campus now. Ms. Byrd answered that there are currently 280 residents, but that there are over 100 people on the waiting list to get in. The plan is to have up to 12 residences in the new net zero neighborhood. They are only having to relocate two of the current residents from the subject properties, and both have already found new homes. Commissioner Holmes asked about providing care for residents who became unable to live independently. Ms. Byrd explained that they have care providers and facilities on-site to provide 24-hour care until residents are able to move back into their respective homes. All necessary care can be provided on-site. Ms. Byrd stated that they would like to have first right of refusal on the other two contiguous properties, but that it hasn’t happened at this point. The other two property owners are not interested in moving, and Rose Villa is fine with that.

    There were no CPOs, hamlets, or villages who wished to provide testimony. There were no other agencies present. Chair Drentlaw closed the public hearing and moved to deliberations.

    Commissioner Fitz wonders why we would be making a continuous high density chain across the board. Commissioner Pasko said that he would agree, except that they clearly have a very specific plan in place. Commissioner Gray is a neighbor to the Rose Villa campus and is very impressed with them as neighbors. He feels that this is needed and that it will go a long way to improving the neighborhood even more. Commissioner Paso moved to recommend Z0067-17-C and Z0068-17-Z for approval with conditions as stated in the staff report. Commissioner Holmes seconded the motion. Commissioner Drentlaw abstained from the vote because of his business relationship with the applicant. Ayes=5, Nays=0. Motion passes.

  3. Under Other Business, Mike McCallister informed the Commission that Lindsey Nesbitt has been hired as the new Planning Manager.

    Commissioners Drentlaw and Gray asked that we hold our regular meeting on June 26th for additional time to discuss the Transitional Housing amendment (ZDO-267). Mike McCallister will make sure that Jennifer Hughes is able to attend and will let the Commission know. There is a project in Portland known as the Kenton Project that might help provide some insight into what we are trying to accomplish with ZDO-267. It is a women’s transitional housing facility that seems to be quite successful. Mike will forward the information to the Planning Commission this week.

    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:44 p.m.

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