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Workforce Investment Counil recruits two business board members

The Workforce Investment Council (WICCo) of Clackamas County needs two board members who are business representatives to help set funding strategies in an effort to develop a highly skilled workforce that creates sustained economic growth and prosperity for Clackamas County by helping to meet the global demands of local businesses.

WICCo is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization governed by a board of directors responsible for developing policy and overseeing local workforce development initiatives in partnership with the local elected officials. This workforce board provides oversight for local workforce funding and attracts and leverages new funding sources to assist businesses, job seekers and youth with employment and training services.

Interested individuals need to complete a county application form. In addition to the county application, interested parties must submit a WICCo supplemental application as well as have a letter of nomination by local business organization or local business trade association as required by the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. County applications as well as the WICCo supplemental application may be completed and submitted online via the county’s website, www.clackamas.us/miscapp/app.jsp   or the website www.wicco.org. 

For an application form, contact Citizen Involvement, 503-655-8552 or Public Services Building, 2051 Kaen Road, Oregon City.


Applications will be accepted until Friday, Jan. 20.

For more information, contact Stacey Hendricks at 503-657-6644.