From: Pam Girtman, Clackamas County Public Affairs, 503-742-4353 04-18-12

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Clackamas County Arts Alliance seeks four citizen volunteers

Clackamas County Commissioners are seeking up to four citizen volunteers interested in serving on the Clackamas County Arts Alliance Advisory Council for terms ranging from two to three years.

The council serves as the county's designated arts and culture advocate, advisor and ambassador. Its goal is to keep art central to life in Clackamas County by supporting, developing and promoting access to all the arts in every county community.

Arts Alliance work demonstrates how arts build vibrant downtowns, jobs, and cultural tourism, knitting people together in healthy communities. The Arts Alliance supports local arts organizations, artists in all disciplines, youth at risk, business partners, and civic and community leaders with information, resources, training, coaching, public art and capacity-building services. Creative activity is countywide and the Arts Alliance is a resource for it all.

Current services include arts industry support, web-based news and opportunity bulletins, skill-building and training workshops for cultural organizations and creative practitioners, public art process management. An Artist Exhibit Program displays work by county artists in 16 galleries. The Alliance leads and manages local distribution of Oregon Cultural Trust funds through grantmaking guided by the Clackamas County Cultural Plan for Arts, Heritage and Humanities.

Arts Alliance services increase skills, help projects succeed and build bridges between people and their communities, with arts as the connector. Programs and services are managed by four part-time staff, working collaboratively with the advisory council and other volunteers.

Advisory council members reflect and represent the diverse population and geography of the county. Members have a strong interest and history of participation in arts and cultural activities and are considered stakeholders in business, education or community arts. Members monitor local arts and culture issues and are information conduits, offering resources to guide policy and decisions.

Experience with community engagement and county issues is desirable. The Alliance Council meets six times annually in Oregon City, on the third Tuesday of alternate months, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Field trip visits to countywide arts and culture assets are planned four to six times each year.

Interested individuals must complete an application form. Applications may be submitted online via the county's website at

For a paper application form, contact Pam Girtman by email at or by phone at 503-742-4353. The application deadline is Wednesday, May 2.

For more information visit or contact Cheryl Snow at 503-655-0525 or