From: Pam Girtman, Clackamas County Public and Government Affairs, 503-742-4353 Date: 11-1-12

Clackamas County

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Citizen News combines with Going Beyond Green to share information, save money

Clackamas County's Citizen News and Going Beyond Green combined mailings to save mailing costs.

Directed by the public budgeting process, the fall issue is one of four that will be mailed to all households in Clackamas County - about 175,000 each - in this fiscal year. It goes to the post office on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Citizen News and Going Beyond Green/Trash Talk provide information for residents and businesses of Clackamas County and news specific to local programs and services. It will eliminate mailing costs of the separate publications - and just makes sense.

"People read differently today - but they still read," said County Administrator Steve Wheeler. "Not only will this be a cost-cutting measure but it will allow us to continue to get Clackamas County news to citizens."

Citizen News began in its present format in 1999 and tells news from a citizen's perspective.

Going Beyond Green, initially known as Trash Talk and produced by the county's Office of Sustainability, started publication in 1993.

The community survey of citizens conducted in February indicated that 58 percent of residents still want to receive Citizen News in their mailboxes rather than by email or online.

Both publications will be on the county website ( soon.