From: Ryan Johnson, Clackamas County Water Environment Services, 503-742-4561 Date: 12-18-13

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Clackamas County Water Environment Services awards grants supporting watershed health

Clackamas County Water Environment Services, on behalf of Clackamas County Service District No. 1 (CCSD#1), has awarded more than $150,000 to six regional organizations to support watershed restoration and stewardship activities in areas served by CCSD#1. Benefiting watersheds include Rock Creek, Kellogg Creek, Mt Scott Creek, Phillips Creek, Johnson Creek and the Clackamas River.

The RiverHealth Stewardship Program grants will support a variety of watershed activities in CCSD#1, with the purpose of enhancing water quality, restoring fish habitat, managing invasive species, organizing volunteer events and removing trash from waterways. The grants will also support the continued stewardship of previously restored project sites, protecting district investments made in recent years.

This year’s grant recipients include the following organizations:

  • Clackamas River Basin Council (two projects) - $21,813.50
    • Invasive species removal; monitoring; volunteer coordination; tree planting
  • Friends of Trees - $28,425
    • Tree planting; invasive species removal; volunteer coordination
  • North Clackamas Urban Watersheds Council (2 projects) - $36,600
    • Tree planting; invasive species removal; volunteer coordination; site assessment
  • Johnson Creek Watershed Council (three projects) - $19,433
    • Tree planting; site assessment; volunteer coordination; trash removal; invasive species removal; outreach
  • Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District - $8,420
    • Rain garden construction; outreach
  • SOLVE (2 projects) - $38,000
    • Invasive species removal; tree planting; volunteer coordination

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