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Emmett Wheatfall named first Clackamas County diversity and inclusion program director

Effective Jan. 1, Emmett Wheatfall has been appointed Clackamas County Diversity and Inclusion Program Director.

The establishment of this new position is a direct response to the July 2012 adoption of the “A Resolution Valuing Diversity in Clackamas County.”  The Board of County Commissioners decided to move this position to an executive level position with County Administration.

Since his hire in 2007, Emmett has helped the County develop a number of programs that have increased diversity and inclusion awareness as important County values. He has been instrumental in the advancement of the Northwest Public Employees Diversity Conference. His formation of the County’s employee-based Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) was a 2012 National Association of Counties (NACo) Award recipient.

This new role includes his current diversity work, with expansion in the areas of recruitment and relationship building with Clackamas communities.

“This is a logical and significant step,” said County Administrator Steve Wheeler. “Clackamas County has the desire to express its commitment to diversity and to effectively serve our constituents and customers. This move will help the County continue to grow and to help us convey our commitment to serving our diverse population in the County.”

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