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Clackamas County celebrates swearing in of newly-elected officials

Clackamas County honored its newly-elected officials with a formal swearing-in Monday evening, Jan. 7, at  the Public Services Building in Oregon City.

Four elected officeholders publicly took their Oaths of Office during the ceremony. The oaths were administered by Clackamas County Circuit Court Judge Susie Norby. More than 120 people attended.

“I want to create a government system we can trust and one we can be proud of,” County Commission Chair John Ludlow said, in his remarks. “The types of reforms needed will not be easy but with the right people and skills, we will progress.”

He continued, describing “a new dawn of a new day in Clackamas County,” and promised open and easy access for the public.

Commissioner Martha Schrader, returning to another term of office as  county commissioner after serving in the State Senate,  said she was glad to be back serving the county. The theme of her message was  community.“We need to work together in partnerships,” she said.

Commissioner Tootie Smith also promised transparent government and open access. “Your voice is powerful and it will be heard. My voice is powerful and it will be heard,” she said. “We have much to do and we will do it together starting tonight.”

County Assessor Bob Vroman was also sworn in at the ceremony, which he said will be his last. He has 28 years with Clackamas County.

“The ToneSetters” barbershop quartet - Oregon Trail Pitchpipers, Canby Chapter, sang a series of songs, including a  rendition of  “God Bless America.”

Sheriff Craig Roberts attended, but did not participate in the ceremony. His formal swearing-in is scheduled for later in the week. District Attorney John Foote was also elected and was sworn-in separately.

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