From: Ellen Rogalin, Clackamas County Department of Transportation & Development, 503-353-4274 01-28-13

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Clackamas County working with state, federal officials to navigate approval process and repair storm damage on Wilhoit Road that has restricted motorist access

Clackamas County is working closely with state and federal officials to repair Wilhoit Road near Rock Creek in Molalla.  The roadway has been restricted to one lane of traffic just south of Thomas Road since early April because of storm damage.

 This project was awarded federal emergency relief funding.  Delays with the state and federal review process have pushed back the project schedule.

"If it were entirely up to the county, these repairs would have been completed already.  It is taking longer than we had hoped to go through federal and state approval processes," said Commissioner Tootie Smith.  "The County has established stop signs to help people travel safely through the area.  We will work with our partners to get this road repaired as immediately as possible."

Approximately 50 feet of the southbound shoulder and travel lane on Wilhoit Road at milepost 2.23 was washed out during an April flood.  Since then the county has been diligently engaged with the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration to gather requisite approvals and secure federal reimbursement for the repair project.

The roadway has been restricted to one lane, cordoned off by a temporary concrete barricade, causing traffic congestion and inconvenience to motorists and local residents.

Transportation Engineering Manager Mike Bezner explained that, while the county will make every attempt to complete the repairs this year, it's possible the project will not be completed until 2014 because of the need to work through the federal permitting and funding processes.

"We're doing everything we can to keep the process moving so we can restore the roadway as soon as possible," said Bezner, "but we have to go through appropriate processes in order to receive federal reimbursement for the project."

One of Commissioner Smith's priorities is efficient delivery of County services.  She will monitor this project to ensure the road is repaired and back to full usage as soon as possible.

Area residents will be kept updated about the project and any changes in the repair schedule.

For more information, contact Project Manager Vince Hall, 503-742-4650 or