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Clackamas County and Oregon City reach agreement for installation of broadband fiber

Clackamas County and Oregon City have finalized a right of way use and franchise agreement that will enable the Clackamas County Broadband project to install fiber along city rights-of-way.

The agreement follows several months of negotiations and will enable the broadband project to provide a dark fiber network connecting schools, fire stations, medical facilities and other key government infrastructure. In addition, the network may be used by other service providers.

The agreement between the City and County covers a twenty-year period and includes payments to the City for use of city rights-of-way to accommodate the project.

"This is a mutually beneficial agreement that recognizes the unique nature of the broadband project in Oregon City and marks a new spirit of cooperation between the County and Oregon City," said Commission Chair John Ludlow.

"I'd like to extend my sincere thanks to the Mayor and the Oregon City Commission for making this happen, as well as City Manager David Frasher and City staff. I also congratulate County staff for its excellent work," he said.

The Oregon City Commission approved the agreement at a meeting Wednesday evening. The Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved it at a business meeting earlier today.

City Manager, David Frasher, acknowledged the commitment of the Oregon City Commission to properly manage City rights-of-way and credited County elected officials for their willingness to take a fresh look at the impasse.

"This agreement would not have been possible without strong leadership from Chair John Ludlow and City Commission representatives Betty Mumm and Carol Pauli," he said.

The County was awarded a $7.8 million federal grant in 2010 to install more than 180 miles of broadband infrastructure throughout Clackamas County. Clackamas County has already invested over $700,000 in fiber optic infrastructure within Oregon City.

The project will now move forward with new connections and installations over time. The full franchise agreement can be found at or at

For more information please contact:

Tim Heider at (503) 742-5911 or

David Frasher, City Manager, (503) 496-1504 or


Read the Franchise Agreement.

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