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Clackamas County Commissioners OK five day "business week" for construction-related support services

Clackamas County Commissioners voted 3-2 Wednesday to extend construction-related support services in certain county departments to a five-day business week.

Currently those departments operate on a four-day schedule for public access.

The decision extends to building codes, planning and zoning, code enforcement and other divisions within the Department of Transportation and Development (DTD) and other county divisions, such as Water and Environment Services, that provide support services for contractors and the public.

The volume of hours will likely not change significantly due to a decrease in demand but the public counters will be staffed on Fridays.

A more comprehensive proposal to expand the five-day work schedule to the entire county was defeated by a 3-2 vote.

The approved motion was an expansion of a vote last month extending public counter services to Friday within divisions of DTD, starting in July.

The motion was supported by Chair John Ludlow and Commissioners Paul Savas and Tootie Smith. Commissioners Jim Bernard and Martha Schrader opposed.

The proposal to expand the schedule countywide was supported by Chair Ludlow and Commissioner Smith and opposed by Commissioners Bernard, Schrader and Savas.

A transcript of the discussion can be found online at

Clackamas County initiated the four-day work week as a pilot project in 2008 and continued the program after the pilot period expired. The schedule allowed for additional hours of public service early in the morning and later in the afternoon.

The four-day schedule covers most county employees and agencies except for emergency personnel and other departments supporting five-day a week operations such as the District Attorney and for other services such as recording of property deeds.

The change for construction-related support services was slated to begin in July, but more information about the implementation of those expanded operations is still being gathered.

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