From: Pam Girtman, Clackamas County Public and Government Affairs, 503-742-4353 Date: 6-27-13

Clackamas County

Media and Interested Parties

Deadline extended to Monday, July 8, for Clackamas County Audit Committee

The Clackamas County Commissioners are seeking one member of the public for the Clackamas County Audit Committee. The deadline has been extended to Monday, July 8.

The committee will meet quarterly to review the following issues:

  • Audit services procurement and contracting;
  • Review all auditor's recommendations to management and subsequent actions;
  • Review of the annual audit reports and recommendations for improvements in county fiscal/financial practices; and
  • Establishment of a process of how allegations, if any, of potential financial fraud or questionable accounting and auditing practices would be handled.

The committee is looking for a qualified applicant with the following:

  • Familiarity with/expertise in financial matters;
  • A thorough understanding of General Accept Accounting Principles (GAAP);
  • Experience with preparing or auditing the financial statements of Oregon municipal corporations;
  • Experience with the application of GAAP to accounting estimates and accruals;
  • Experience with internal accounting control; and
  • Understanding of the functioning of an audit committee.

Interested individuals need to complete an application form.

The deadline for applications is Monday, July 8. Apply by completing an application a by contacting Clackamas County Public and Government Affairs at 503-742-4353 or by email at

For more information, contact Christa Bosserman Wolfe at 503-742-5407.