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Clackamas County formally adopts fiscal year 2013-14 budgets totaling $799,495,913

The Clackamas County Board ofCommissioners formally adopted Fiscal Year 2013-14 budgets Thursday, June 27.The action followed a series of public hearings by the county's budgetcommittees in May to discuss, amend and approve before sending them for boardapproval.

The newly adopted budgetstotal $799,495,913, which includes property taxes, dedicated state and federalfunds, grants and other revenue sources. The budget for Clackamas County is$602,381,979, a reduction of 2 percent from the current fiscal year budget.

In recent weeks, theClackamas County budget committees held a series of public meetings to discussthe budgets, receive public testimony, amend and then approve them forforwarding to the County Board of Commissioners for adoption. The adoptedbudgets are:

Clackamas County at$602,381,979

Clackamas County ServiceDistrict No.1 at $60,620,951

Clackamas County DevelopmentAgency at $70,483,826

Clackamas County Enhanced LawEnforcement District at $5,890,424

Clackamas County Extensionand 4-H Service District at $4,551,176

Library District of ClackamasCounty at $15,283,009

North Clackamas Parks andRecreation District at $23,959,925

Street Lighting ServiceDistrict No. 5 at $2,700,202

Surface Water ManagementAgency of Clackamas County at $214,093

Tri-City Service District at$13,410,328

For more information,contact Clackamas County Budget Manager Diane Padilla at 503-742-5425. Toreview the budget documents, go online:

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