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Dog Services advises taking extra care of pets during Fourth of July holiday and on hot summer days

Everyyear, hundreds of lost, frightened and confused pets are found by residents andAnimal Services officers. These numbers go up around July 4th. Thebright lights and noise of fireworks and other Fourth of July festivities thathumans enjoy so much can be scary and unnerving for pets.

ClackamasCounty Dog Services offers the following tips to help people keep their dogsand other pets safe during this noisy holiday period:

Keep pets inside a closed, safe area (such as the basement or bathroom) while fireworks are set off in the area. Turn on a radio or television (that is not broadcasting a fireworks display) for background noise.

  • Make sure your pet cannot run away if it is frightened.. Keep in mind, for example, that dogs that normally would not jump a fence are more likely to try to do so if frightened.
  • Do not take your pets to fireworks displays. Although it is tempting to bring pets along on summer excursions as part of the family, many pet owners report losing their pets while at fireworks displays because the noise and lights have frightened the pet.
  • Make sure your dogs are licensed and wearing an identification tag. If you need a license for a dog, go to or call the county's Animal Adoption and Education Center at 503-655-8628.  This will greatly increase the chances your dog will be safely if it does get away.
  • If your pet is lost, visit or call Clackamas County Dog Services or visit our website to file a lost pet report. We are located at 13141 SE Highway 212, Clackamas; and you can file a lost pet report (or look for a lost pet) on our website at
  • DogServices staff also stress the need to take extra care of your pets during thehot summer months, including providing extra water, not leaving pets in lockedcars (even with the windows open) and making sure pets have full-time access toa cool room or shade.

    Formore information, contact Diana Hallmark, 503-655-8628 or

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