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Court rules that Clackamas County must fulfill its PMLR obligations

ClackamasCounty must fulfill its contractual obligation to TriMet in relation toagreements regarding development and construction of the Portland-MilwaukieLight Rail (PMLR) project, according to a ruling handed down Monday.

TriMethad filed litigation against Clackamas County last March in an effort to forcethe county to meet its PMLR obligations. The lawsuit followed approval inSeptember 2012 of a ballot measure that called for countywide approval beforespending money to finance, design, construct or operate rail lines within thecounty.

InMay voters approved a ballot measure asking commissioners not to use countyresources for the PMLR project. But the court has ruled that the county mustmeet its contractual obligations.

"Thecourt's ruling today provides needed direction and clarity on the county'sobligations to Portland Milwaukie Light Rail," said Clackamas County CommissionChair John Ludlow. "We followed the will of Clackamas County voters by placingthe measure before them in May. Now a judge has indicated, in no uncertainterms, that we must abide by the agreements made by last year's commissionmajority, no matter how we feel about the issue personally."

"Iam satisfied that we fulfilled our promise to bring this issue before thevoters for judgment. Now we must follow the direction set by the court," hesaid.

Formore information please contact Tim Heider, Clackamas County Public AffairsManager 503-742-5911.

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