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Clackamas County Commissioners will not consider proposed code amendments for mass gatherings; tonight’s public hearing has been cancelled

ClackamasCounty Chair John Ludlow has decided that the Board of Commissioners will notact on the proposed code amendments for outdoor mass gatherings inunincorporated Clackamas County.  The public hearing scheduled for tonightis cancelled.

ChairLudlow's statement:

AsCounty Commission Chair, I have decided to remove the mass gathering codeamendments public hearing from the Thursday, July 18 business meetingagenda.  I do not anticipate this proposal coming back before the Board ofCommissioners. 

TheBoard has received a great deal of testimony, emails and feedback sharingconcerns. I have come to the conclusion that the proposed code amendments arenot necessary. County staff has been outstanding and I thank them for theirdiligence. 

Thehearing was to have been held during the Board's Business Meeting at 6 p.m.,July 18.  

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