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From: Tracy Moreland, Clackamas County Public and Government Affairs, 503-655-8520 09/16/14

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Mt. Hood Express to conduct onboard ridership surveys

The Mt. Hood Express, operated by Clackamas County, will be working in partnership with Sandy Area Metro (SAM), to conduct an onboard ridership survey between September 22 and September 27. These surveys are part of an ongoing strategy by the City of Sandy and Clackamas County, to continually assess and improve transit services to the region.

Surveys will be conducted on the SAM Gresham, SAM Estacada, Villages Shuttle, and Mt. Hood Express (MHX) bus routes. Passengers will be given the opportunity to complete assessments regarding schedules, bus stops, parking, and fares. For those not able to take part in the onboard surveys, an online version may be completed at

Last summer the Federal Lands Access Program awarded $476,000 in new grant funding for expanded transit service to Clackamas County, the Mt. Hood National Forest, and the City of Sandy. The funding helped expand the Mt. Hood Express bus service as well as Sandy Area Metro (SAM) bus service. The grant was made possible with cooperation from local businesses who have financially contributed to the project. Annual ridership assessments are a key requirement for maintaining this federal funding.

For more information, please contact Teresa Christopherson, Clackamas County Social Services, at 503-650-5718 or; or Jacques Livingston at or 503-650-5758.


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