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Voters Reject Additional Funding For North Clackamas Parks And Recreation District

Clackamas County, OR – Voters on Tuesday rejected a measure that would have provided additional funding and a new Board of Directors for the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD). NCPRD currently operates as a service district under Clackamas County and has had the same level of funding since it was formed in 1990.

Measure 3-451 would have re-structured NCPRD as a special parks district, separate from county government, which is how all other parks districts in the state are structured. It would have increased the tax rate for parks by 35 cent per $1,000 of assessed property value, which would still have kept NCPRD as one of the lowest funded parks districts in the state.

The result of the election means the District will not be able to add the new parks, facilities and programs outlined in the ballot measure, and is facing tough decisions about maintaining service levels and funding repairs and replacements of aging equipment and facilities.

“We know people care deeply about parks and recreational programs,” said Gary Barth, NCPRD Director. “It’s a challenging time for the District and the community. We’ll need to roll up our sleeves and identify alternatives for trying to respond to growing needs.”

In future meetings, The Board of Clackamas County Commissioners, which serves as the Board of NCPRD, will be deciding how to address the shortfalls and what actions to take on the District’s recently published 10-year Master Plan draft, which relied on additional funding.


North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District is a service district of Clackamas County dedicated to providing exceptional parks and recreation programs, facilities and services. The District – which serves more than 116,000 residents in a 36-square mile area – includes the cities of Happy Valley, Milwaukie and a large area of unincorporated Clackamas County. It includes more than 38 parks, 25 natural areas, 15 miles of trails including the 6-mile Trolley Trail, Mount Talbert Nature Park and three facilities: Hood View Sports Complex, the Milwaukie Center and the North Clackamas Aquatic Park.

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