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Clackamas County seeks public comments on urgent road maintenance needs

Users of Clackamas County roads are being urged to share their thoughts about the future of county road maintenance by completing an online survey at

Clackamas County is responsible for maintaining more than 1,400 miles of roads, and state and federal funds available for that vital work are dwindling.

"Due to escalating costs and the loss of stable funding, the County has a shortfall of an estimated $17 million between what is available and what is needed to adequately maintain our roads," said Commissioner Paul Savas. "That funding gap is getting bigger every year."

Addressing the growing road maintenance funding gap is a priority for the Board of County Commissioners (BCC). It has been more than a year since the BCC and county staff began reaching out to the public and business community to talk about the shortage of funds and the long-term consequences of not being able to maintain roads.

"Timely preventive maintenance to keep our roads in good to excellent condition would have cost about $40 million," said Clackamas County Chair John Ludlow. "However, if we’re not able to properly maintain our roads now, it will cost more than $520 million to rebuild those same roads in the future."

In addition to the survey, which will be open through mid-March, five new billboards in the northwest Clackamas County area encourage people to think about the future of their roads.

"What will ____ Road look like in 10 years?" is the billboard message, with an area county road referred to in the blank space. Four billboards are on Highway 99E (in Canby, Oregon City, Gladstone and Oak Grove) with another on Highway 213 in Happy Valley. Space on the billboards was donated to the County by Clear Channel.

The billboards also direct people to, a website created by Clackamas County to educate the public on the urgent road maintenance needs, funding challenges, consequences of inaction, and potential solutions to the problem. A copy of one of the billboard images is attached to this email.

For more information, media may contact Community Relations Specialist Ellen Rogalin at 503-742-4274 or

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