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Keep pets cool and protected from fireworks, advises Clackamas County Dog Services

Every year, hundreds of lost, frightened and confused pets are found by residents and Animal Services officers. These numbers go up around July 4th. Clackamas County Dog Services offers the following tips to help people keep their dogs and other pets safe during this noisy holiday period:

Clackamas County Dog Shelter Supervisor Tamara Moxon also asks people to be especially careful to keep their pets cool during any hot weather. Moxon advises, "Dogs and cats don't sweat like people do. They eliminate heat through their mouth (by panting) and the pads of their feet, and can overheat quickly."

She advises to never leave a pet in a parked car, which is an especially dangerous place to leave an animal in the summer, even for a short time. Even with outside temperatures as low as 72 degrees, a car's interior temperature can increase an average of 40 degrees within an hour.

Suggestions for keeping pets safe on hot days:

For more information, contact Shelter Supervisor Tamara Moxon, 503-650-3198 or


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