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Clackamas County declares emergency for section of Oregon City threatened by landslide

Clackamas County has approved an emergency order allowing the county to seek state assistance in its efforts to provide support for Oregon City residents threatened by a potential landslide. The affected area is 14155 S. Beavercreek Road and 13945 S. Beavercreek Road, each an apartment complex (Forest Edge Apartments and the Berryhill Park Apartments, respectively).

Oregon City declared a similar emergency declaration on Sunday. Both orders can be found at: Declaration of Emergency.

Clackamas County is working with Oregon City officials, who have ordered the evacuations of the apartment buildings. Last week, Oregon City was informed of potential slide activity at these sites. The city subsequently deemed portions of the apartment complexes to be dangerous.

The order allows for Clackamas County to apply for assistance from Oregon if local resources are expended to assist with emergency housing (and other social services) for displaced residents, emergency cleanup, and pet sheltering.

The declaration authorizes staff from the Clackamas County Department of Emergency Management to provide support and response to the affected area and residents. The order authorizes the following measures for public safety if deemed necessary:

Clackamas County Commissioner Jim Bernard declared the emergency at 3 p.m. on Tuesday. Bernard serves as Vice Chair of the County Commission.

The county is actively assisting Oregon City in its response. County actions have included assistance with facilitating resident sheltering through the American Red Cross, providing staff assistance at shelters, and actively sheltering pets belonging to affected residents and working with other jurisdictions to provide long-term pet sheltering if necessary.

For more information, media may contact Clackamas County Public Affairs Manager Tim Heider at or 503-742-5911 (desk) or 971-219-7271.


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