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From: Tim Heider, Clackamas County Public Information Officer, 503-742-5911 (desk) or 971-219-7271 (cell)


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Inclement weather prompts safety reminders

As heavy rains, strong winds, and thunderstorms pummel our region in the next few days, Clackamas County reminds residents to be careful while traveling, monitor storm drains when possible and – in case of flooding possibilities – be advised of sandbag locations.

Traveling Hazards

All travelers – motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians – should remember that rain impacts visibility. Vehicle headlights should remain on, while bicyclists and pedestrians should be especially careful to wear reflective clothing or gear.

Many hazardous roadway conditions can occur in this type of weather. These include:

“It’s important to remember that more deaths occur from flooding than from other storm-related hazards, and that more than one-half of these happen when a vehicle is driven into flood water,” stated Disaster Management Director Nancy Bush. “Remember: Turn around, don’t drown.”

AAA also has excellent wet weather driving tips online.

Residents who spot a hazardous roadway condition that demands immediate attention can contact Clackamas County Transportation Maintenance at 503-557-6391 from Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 pm. For all other times, contact the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office at 503-655-8211.

Residents who spot a non-hazardous roadway concern can report it online, email, or call 503-557-6391.

Risks to Storm Drains from Fallen Leaves

Regularly clearing storm drains of leaves and debris helps reduce flooding and possible property damage that threatens public safety. Clackamas County provides the following tips to help keep water flowing safely:

If you are concerned about a possible sewage spill, flooding or pollution of any stream or ground water, please contact your local wastewater provider. You can find out who your wastewater provider is by entering your street address on the county’s online CMap application and selecting “Utilities and Districts.”


If emergency sandbags are needed, residents are encouraged to visit for a list of local sandbag locations.

Power Outages

It is possible that strong winds will knock out power to some areas. All calls and reports about power outages should be directed to Portland General Electric (PGE), which has a webpage at where residents can view current outages and report an outage.

Downed Power Lines

Downed power lines are also a significant concern in a windstorm. If you observe a downed power line, contact PGE at 800-544-1795.

Take extreme caution if you observe a downed power line. From the Electrical Safety Foundation International:

For more information, members of the media may contact Public Information Officer Tim Heider at 503-742-5911 (desk) or 971-219-7271 (cell).


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