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From: Dylan Blaylock, Clackamas County Public and Government Affairs, 503-742-5917


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Donate a phone, fight domestic violence

The Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office is asking the public for donations of used cell phones, smartphones or BlackBerrys in order to help victims of domestic violence, elder abuse, and other victims in need.

The office’s Victim Assistance Program provides support to individuals who have suffered physical, emotional, and/or financial harm as a result of a crime, or are seeking a means to reach 911. More information about the types of victims this critical program helps can be found at

When county residents donate their used cell phone, the Victim Assistance staff ship it to the National 911 Cell Phone Bank, where it is electronically wiped clean and refurbished. For each phone sent, the program receives a refurbished phone in return.

“These cell phones become a lifeline for victims,” stated Diane Wehage, Victim Assistance Program Director. “Many times the abuser will track a victim through their personal known cell phone, have the phone company turn off service, or most frequently the abuser will break the phone preventing the victim from calling 911. Even without active cell service, provided cell phones can contact 911. That is the lifeline.”

Phone accessories – such as chargers, headphones and covers – are not needed in donations. Phones can be dropped off or mailed to the following locations:

For more information, members of the media or public may contact Victim Assistance Director Diane Wehage at 503-655-8616.


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