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From: Ellen Rogalin, Clackamas County Transportation & Development, 503-742-4274


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County recognizes April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month; Invites drivers to take pledge

Clackamas County is committed to traffic safety, as demonstrated by having the state’s first Transportation Safety Action Plan and the Drive to Zero program focused on eliminating fatal and serious injury crashes.

That emphasis will be highlighted during April, which is nationally recognized as Distracted Driving Awareness month. Special county activities include:

Patty McMillan, Drive to Zero program coordinator, who has seen the effects of distracted driving, stated: “We have lost people in crashes because someone was distracted by their cell phone, laptop or other activity that took their attention away from the road. These crashes are preventable.”

Clackamas County urges drivers to learn more about the dangers of distracted driving and take the pledge to always drive free of distractions at

Distracted driving is any activity that takes the driver’s attention away from the primary task of driving in any of the following three ways:

Eating, talking with passengers and reading are all significant distractions, but cell phone use is the most dangerous because it distracts focus all three ways – visually, manually and cognitively.

For more information, members of the media and public may contact Drive to Zero Program Coordinator Patty McMillan at 503-742-4661.


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