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Clackamas County Board reaffirms commitment to combatting climate change

In a resolution approved earlier today, the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners renewed its commitment to policies and practices to combat and adapt to climate change.

Commissioner Sonya Fischer, who introduced the resolution, said “The key goal of this resolution is to raise awareness, and highlight the importance of individuals and organizations doing whatever they can to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Through the resolution the Board reiterated its support for past resolutions and actions related to sustainability and energy policy, such as the 2008 Action Plan for a Sustainable Clackamas County, and the County’s 2016 energy policy.

The resolution also supports efforts to encourage the use of new, lower-emission technologies in buses such as those operated by transit agencies and school districts.

The resolution points out ways in which the county has demonstrated its commitment to combat climate change in recent years, including:

More information about related programs is on the county website, including the following:

For more information about Clackamas County efforts to combat climate change, contact Resource Conservation & Solid Waste Supervisor Eben Polk at 503-742-4470 or


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