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Clackamas County Commissioners and Sheriff’s office agree to outside review of policies, procedures

Clackamas County Commissioners accepted a request Tuesday from Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts for an independent review of investigative policies and procedures in the Sheriff’s Office arising from the criminal prosecution of former Detective Jeffrey Green.

The proposed review follows the prosecution of Green for official misconduct in failing to investigate criminal cases, including child abuse reports. He was convicted on misdemeanor charges last month.

The consultant will be selected by commissioners, in consultation with Sheriff Roberts, from a list of recommended candidates.

“Sheriff Roberts’s request for a review demonstrates his integrity,” said Commissioner Sonya Fischer. “He is an independently-elected officeholder who is working collaboratively and transparently and who shares the same mission as us, to protect the public and victims of crime.”

In a letter to commissioners, Sheriff Roberts asked for the hiring of a consultant to evaluate the policies and procedures in the Detective Division, specifically the assignment, tracking and internal protocols surrounding the investigation of child abuse cases.

Following an internal investigation into Green, the Sheriff’s Office retained its own outside consultant to review investigative protocols. Those recommendations were implemented, along with additional changes, according to the letter.

“I am confident these improvements are effective and that a situation like Green’s cannot occur in the future without detection. I believe it is important, however, to take another look at our detective processes to make sure we have done everything necessary to ensure the best practices are in place,” Sheriff Roberts said in the letter.

The review is expected to be completed by September 30.

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