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Report a Public Health Emergency or Communicable Disease 24 hours a day-7 days a week 503-655-8411

Public Health Administration and Central Office
2051 Kaen Road, Suite 367
Oregon City, OR 97045
Administration Office Hours 7 a.m to 6 p.m. Monday–Thursday
Phone: 503-742-5300
FAX: 503-742-5352

Sarah Present, MD
Clackamas County Health Officer

Richard Swift
Director of Health, Housing and Human Services

Dawn Emerick, Ed.D
Public Health Director

Phone: 503-655-8479

Julie Aalbers, R.D.
Public Health Assistant Director

Phone: 503-655-8405

Laurel Bentley Moses
Public Health Programs Manager

Healthy, Clean & Safe Places
Phone: 503-742-5949

Lindsey Butler
Public Health Programs Manager

Access to Care
Phone: 503-742-5982

Julie Hamilton
Environmental Health Supervisor

Environmental Health
Phone: 503-655-8386
Fax: 503-742-5352
Food Handler Cards: 503-742-5300

Philip Mason-Joyner
Operations Manager

The Center for Public Health Advancement
Phone: 503-742-5956

Sherry Olson
Business Services Manager

Public Health Administration
Phone: 503-742-5342
Fax: 503-742-5936
Vital Statistics: 503-743-5300

Board of Clackamas County Commissioners
Board of Health
Phone: 503-655-8581

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Public Services Building

Public Health

Phone number 503-742-5300
Address 2051 Kaen Road
Suite 367
Oregon City, OR 97045
Hours M–Th
7 a.m. to 6 p.m.